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The title is a response to the auto-generated post that greeted me after setting up this website. So, you’re probably asking the following questions: What is GOT WIC Raven Express? What is this for and what is this all about?

The officially licensed Game of Thrones Winter is Coming browser game is that relatively newfangled massively multiplayer online real-time strategy game that has been all over the web with its ads. Either you have encountered it through that or you got baited to actually playing it, there is no middle earth, I mean ground. Regardless, I welcome you all.

Two months since its official launch and more than 35 kingdoms (servers) later, GOTWIC has developed its own lore. And this is what this website is for.

The GOT WIC Raven Express would chronicle all the drama and player transfers (alliance-to-alliance and kingdom-to-kingdom), as well as castle siege updates and other in-universe news. Because I am the closest to the Three-Eyed Raven that you will get.

However, I would not mind receiving scoops, blind items, and gossip from Varys’ little birds. So, if you have anything juicy to share that I was not able to warg, do not hesitate to send me a raven message by clicking on the link on top.

As supposed rightful heir to the melted throne Jon Snow-Targaryen once said, “I wish you good fortune in the wars to come”. And may we hear these tales from you.

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