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When they say that “Winter is coming”, we never knew it pertained to other natural disturbances.

Aerial footage on K6 Storm’s End reveal that several castles on the ironically-named BirdsOfWesteros (FLy) hive are wall-deep in water.

We might need to repair and port those windmills from Queenscrown to the south.

Meanwhile, over at Storm’s End castle itself, a pink fissure has emerged in its outskirts.

What’s inside? Is it Kirby, a pink Godzilla, maybe Pinky and the Brain?

When reached for comments, FLy ally Sydira has this to say:

Evacuation in concerned areas has commenced. The bigger question is if Storm’s End would be a desired destination come Castle Siege in two days’ time despite these flaws of nature.

Got something funny to share? Are there similar unusual phenomena near you? Tell us.

Published by JP Abcede

I am a licensed Insurance Adviser and Certified Investment Solicitor providing suitable financial solutions to my clients.

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