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Another epic Castle Siege on K2 concluded with mega-coalition Rebellion laying claim to four castles, with Athens (ONE) taking control of three, including King’s Landing.

Former KL occupant DaciaLegion (DcL) settled for Riverrun after the smoke cleared.

DcL’s last rally attack at King’s Landing

Rebellion alliances Raven (R4V), DragonHeim (DHE), and NordicReborn (NRB), scored themselves at least one castle, with R4V pinning their banner at Casterly Rock and Highgarden. DHE will have Winterfell as their home base for the next four days, while NRB marked Sunspear as their territory.

Key R4V rally at Highgarden.

Aside from King’s Landing, ONE also annexed Storm’s End after a hectic back-and-forth between them and DcL, with the Rebellion providing support for the former.

R4V winning Storm’s End for ONE.

Action was sparse in the first hour and a half. It was not until several castles closed did the intensity pick up and focus was turned to the remaining contested Great Cities.

The Rebellion and ONE piled the pressure, slowly eating away DcL’s grasp on the last four castles in contention. R4V barely had any opposition in taking Casterly Rock with DcL’s forces divided in three fronts.

The tide totally turned when ONE and the Rebellion took Storm’s End and Highgarden in near succession. DcL’s sense of urgency increased after ONE successfully rallied at King’s Landing.

DaciaLegion then briefly held Storm’s End to reset the clock, with the intent of buying more time to recover and retake King’s Landing. However, three separate rallies led by WaAarbunny proved to be fruitless with ONE mustering enough defense to hold off the kingdom’s biggest player and their alliance.

Nevertheless, it was not all perfect for the Rebellion as they had lapses in coordination, most notably when R4V and Crows (CRI) accidentally hit each other at Storm’s End.

Rebellion friendly fire at Storm’s End.

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