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It is always silly season here in Westeros, and here are the latest rundown of transfer rumors, from alliance-to-alliance solo transfers to mass kingdom-to-kingdom relocations.

Top K2 player going to K6; another on their way out

Our birds have informed us that a world-ranking K2 player, fresh from two hard-fought Castle Sieges last week, is hopping their way to K6. It is also purported that some companions of theirs from their alliance would come along to this sojourn.

Another big player is also reported to leave K2; their new destination undetermined as of posting time. Would they wreak havoc and brutality in their new location, or will they work with the established powers there?

Mid-level K1 alliance calls K5 Great Castle home

Talk about a fresh start. K1 alliance Shenanigans (SIN) has taken over the Eyrie on K5 in a recent Castle Siege, making themselves a major cog in their new kingdom.

The Raven Express would like to reach out to SIN and learn more about their plans in their present domain, as well as their decision to spread their wings to other kingdoms.

K6 alliances disband, orphan players poached by bigger guilds

HighlandHillsClan (HHC) of K6 has disbanded, or is at least operationally deactivated, its former members scattering to different alliances. A number of them were absorbed by Metalupi (ITA). Daeneriana, in particular, was recruited by PaleYellowMoon (DnB).

Still on K6, Thunderstruck (THS) was, according to our source, beset with leadership inactivity. This is why a number of the clan’s members took it upon themselves to break off and found BloodAnger (MBV). Not everyone was on the same boat, though, as MissRayder is now with BendTheKnee (BtK).

Finally, a dominant K6 alliance snagged a key member of an opposing coalition so near into the next Castle Siege. How will the affected alliance from that coalition unruffle this debacle after one of their now former birds flew to a different nest?

Do you have any recent transfers in your kingdom? Let us know and send us a raven message.

Photo by Pexels

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