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Dragon imagery revealed that a vagrant lord was found walking towards the End of World.

Do you know, where you’re going to?

The unknown voyager was last seen just beyond The Frozen Shore and appeared to be headed towards the direction of The Land of Always Winter.

Speculation abound on the identity of this traveling lord as details in the image are scant. Some surmise that it is Arya Stark in the middle of her journey towards the west. Others countered this assertion, indicating that the attire in the image does not resemble the one she was wearing when she departed King’s Landing shortly after her brother, Bran the Broken, was voted king of the Six Kingdoms.

“If my dear sister is on a ship, then why in the Seven Hells would she be walking on ice?” Jon Snow, who now resides with the Free Folk (formerly referred as Wildlings during the Targaryen Dynasty) east of where the picture was taken, whisper-growled — while stroking Ghost’s belly — at The Raven Express correspondent.

There is also a theory circulating that the wandering lord is a prisoner set free after they were accosted during a skirmish at an undetermined mint gathering site. It is said that they got lost after their castle transferred to a different location.

“That lord is so dumb that he got caught at a gathering site,” Westerosi Jorran Stackhouse uttered in between snickers. “He is so dumb he can’t even find his way back.

“He makes Robert Baratheon look like a genius!” Stackhouse added, shortly before he lost his breath from boisterous laughter.

If any one finds the whereabouts of this poor lord, kindly inform The Raven Express or The Hall of Missing People nearest you.

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