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One of the biggest accords having kingdom-wide implications being implemented on Game of Thrones Winter is Coming is the codex on K6. This was instituted by Burning (FoF), which took the dominant role in the server after the Chainbreakers (CB0) alliance fell.

The relative success in keeping general order and harmony in its part of the world has garnered the attention of alliances from other kingdoms. Nevertheless, inspired by the codex or not, some have made moves to impose some semblance of organization in their respective kingdoms. Instances of these include talks of alliance borders for gathering sites on K1 that have been going on and off, as well as K18 overlords drafting their own territory map.

Still, not all see the virtue of ensuring peaceful hegemony and establishing strict boundaries in a conflict-based game such as GOTWIC. Based on how the K6 codex is worded, it can be insinuated that it is a way for those on top of the food chain to establish the status quo: the rich stay rich and keep getting richer, while those outside of this exclusive clique are left to fight for crumbs amongst themselves.

One of those vehemently against the K6 codex is dude, Duke of FreeFolkS (FFs) and former member of K1’s HouseTargaryen (HTN). The Raven Express caught up with this vocal and opinionated player to pry his mind.

When asked of what his personal philosophy is regarding the codex and the game in general, dude succinctly replied, “We (FFs) play for fun.”

As for his thoughts on the as-of-right-now nixed gathering site protocol in his former kingdom, he opined, “It will never work. No one will care.”

Meanwhile, over on world chat a few days after the interview, dude declared that his alliance will be on call to protect small and oppressed alliances. If keeping a war game as a war game is their idea of fun, then killing pixels would just be FFs being true to their word.

You can also catch dude on YouTube in his channel, Gamer of Thrones.

Do you have an opinion to share about your alliance, kingdom, or the game as a whole? Drop us a raven message.

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