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Something extraordinary happened in the Weste-verse recently when world number one Lord GODIVA and former 100Kings (1KS) Duke thomasmelina transferred to K9, “cleaned house”, and set up a meeting with kingdom head honcho Kynaston.

What’s up, bitches?

The Raven Express received an anonymous tip that GODIVA would be going to K9 to “clean it up” hours after the most recent K1 Castle Siege (for results, see below).

Chris! The anonymous mail sender is Chris! Got ‘ya!

Speculation is rife on why the world’s biggest player would do this. Some say it was to raid for gold to recover losses from the last CS, while others theorized it was to recruit Kynaston to 1KS.

I did not hit her! I did not!… Oh, hi Mark.

To give further credence that they are not just there for resources, thomasmelina was seen putting up recruitment banners on world chat.

Artist’s rendition of 1KS recruitment poster

Kynaston sent a ‘welcoming committee’ to Lord GODIVA and the smoke coming from within the walls of the guest’s castle could mean that they fired up the grill to roast some wild pigs and that scampering moose out in the nearby field.

No details of what they discussed in their tête-à-tête has been released to the public as of posting time.

K1 Castle Siege results

In the latest K1 Castle Siege, 1KS retained King’s Landing and laid claim to Sunspear. HouseVelaryon (HVL) had the biggest haul with three Great Cities: Riverrun, Highgarden, and Eyrie.

K1’s second largest alliance, LANNISTERS (LTS), took Casterly Rock and Storm’s End, while FireandBlood (FAB) set camp at Winterfell.


It appears that aftershocks from the last CS are still going on with some LTS members reportedly having splintered from their mother alliance. More details as they come.

What do you think of this meeting of the world’s two of the top three players? Sound off below or send us raven message.

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