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What started out as a tip we received that Byzantine of Tigerians (TIG) and Nikos of LANNISTERS (LTS) were arguing on K1 world chat turned into an odyssey, primarily because of the new breakaway alliance Duke. It is not just a one-person troll job though as others contributed to the inanity and insanity as well.

Below is an almost chronological and near-complete recap of how a day in the oldest public server’s chat room went. One thing is for sure: discussion here goes on and on, and no one puts a dot to any of them.

LTS, former members clash

The cracks on the pavement have become a sinkhole as TIG has practically severed ties with LTS after Byzantine and his cohorts chanced upon Nikos and his mates in the Westeros public plaza.

Accusations were flying everywhere, fingers were pointing left and right, and mud was slinging from all directions. Virtual shouting matches die down and get revived later on after. That is the TL;DR of this thread in the kingdom world chat.

The first blow was delivered by Nikos, who charged that Byzantine embezzled LTS’ gold during the last Castle Siege then went on to leave the alliance and form TIG. Byzantine countered that the resources were used to heal wounded level IV troops.

Nikos went on, stating that Byzantine caused a rift among the ranks at LTS and that the new alliance failed to honor a NAP between the two clans. The head of LANNISTERS additionally revealed that his former colleague was the one doing all the gathering site raiding, to which the also-recognized-as Anduril purported that they have written evidence that it was Nikos who ordered the attack on enemies situated in GS.

Ladislas and QuaDesh then joined in, continuing the war of words in behalf of their leader.

But first, a segue.

Unwilling spectators stayed on for the car crash

While the above was still going on, the rest of the kingdom watched in awe and threw their thoughts to and about the pigpen. Comments coming from the hecklers’ row were mostly about getting popcorn, buying soda, drinking wine, and other similar activities.

Initially, Regina of LANNISTERs (LNN) and Star of TheCompanyOfTheRose (TCR) tried to pacify the warring sides but to no avail. A crowd then started to gather, inviting everyone to bring out their popcorn and sodas. Eventually, Star gave up and joined the peanut gallery.

The tension died down a bit after the bystanders took over the chat, but Byzantine was far from being done.

And with that, we are back to our main feature.

Byzantine vs LTS part II

The kingdom chatterbox claimed that it was only them and KIBA who were in the front line most of the time during major battles. Byzantine insinuated as well that all Nikos did was to command everyone from a bubble, afraid to lose troops.

QuaDesh questioned his former alliance mate’s military tactics after learning that Xiamka lost more than 40,000 cavalry in a won rally against Cliffe of 100Kings (1KS). Byzantine even admitted that the formation is wrong in some attacks, but then showed reports of zeroing Cliffe solo.

Then something weird happened

One moment they were arguing, the next instance Byzantine was asking QuaDesh for reports from the last CS, to which the latter obligingly provided.

QuaDesh softened up and started to agree with Byzantine regarding Nikos and other LTS’ members supposed inaction. But Byzantine being Byzantine, they once again went on a tirade against someone who just provided them with information they were asking.

That… was… just… weird… and awkward. Awkweird.

Byzantine with a passive-aggressive take.

Meanwhile, Byzantine gave props to Cliffe’s commanders and fighting spirit after King Vixxrn of 1KS dropped by on world chat.

Trouble goes through trouble learning more about combat resolution

LTS’ Trouble introduced themselves to the world chat by declaring that beginning today, they personally would start attacking gathering sites, all thanks to 1KS. Greyworm1 of FireandBlood (FAB) responded by handing the LANNISTERS member the “facts of life” in Westeros.

Trouble began to challenge Brown Beetle (1KS) to a one-troop fight to prove if draws are possible. Conclusion: someone is bound to lose.

Noticing that the spotlight is no longer trained at them, the TIG Duke “crashed the party” by sending a full force assault on Trouble’s one-unit camp, which called the attention of Cerealno.

After giving each other their word of honor that there would no longer be shenanigans (not the alliance), Cerealno, Brown Beetle, Byzantine, and Trouble attempted various permutations in their small scale experiment, with QuaDesh throwing in their views. They also discussed gathering math along the way.

This actually is one of the rare times players from opposing alliances having a harmonious in-game discussion.

Byzantine, a catfish? TIG member looking for ‘dad’

After the Ladies of K1 logged on and put in their obligatory ‘chat message for the day’, hot blooded Lords proceeded to flirt on them and ask for their nudes. This gave Byzantine the chance to reveal that the person behind Anduril might just be a catfish: a female pretending to be a male troll so that people would not bother and harass her online.

Later on, a TIG member with the name of Uzda1990 entered WC looking for their father with the name of ‘Byzantine/Anduril/goldilocks’. Now, we are just confused.

K1 WC highlights (that also includes more Byzantine)

  • Former K1 player BryndenRiver shot down Byzantine anytime they can (visual evidence in one of the screenshots above).
  • John Targary was initially looking for an alliance and later got offended by a ‘wall’ comment because he is Mexican. They then left a link that shows the history of the world and Texas under the territory of Mexico.
  • For a while, WC ventured into BDSM and fetishes.
  • Byzantine called out 1KS for hitting low-level neutrals. However, the TIG leader insisted it was against declared enemies when the allegation got levied back towards the initial accuser.
  • Byzantine cited 1KS of having a shared plant account within LTS.
  • Byzantine boasted that players from other kingdoms are inquiring about his alliance.
  • Byzantine claimed that the Rebellion once sent an invitation to join them on K2.
  • Byzantine gave health tips to M87 (formerly LTS, now with 1KS), dispelled by Blacksky of DieBlutigeHorde (DBH); others ventured their own opinions on the topic.

There you have it. The world over on K1 begins and ends with Byzantine.

Anything interesting in your kingdom? Let us know with a raven message.

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  1. I did not provide the reports, he asked me to calculate the gold and tell Nikos, sure thing like I have nothing else to do(like someone who makes SS of out WC :P)! Nice one though


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