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The Raven Express is nearing two weeks old, and with that, we would like to cheer “Hooray!” and say thank you to everyone who has been following, encouraging, and supporting us.

We checked our raven post, and guess what, we got mail! Let us read and react to them.

K19 whale mickey mouse moved to 1ks


Yes. We covered that development here.

Your story about FoF and LD0 is misinformed, had nothing to do with merging at all


Acknowledged. We have clarified this with you privately.

who are you ? your style looks soooo familiar


Better question is, who are you? If you are someone from college, from the south, or from the top, then we might have met before.

If you are already in Westeros, you can find me on K6 or K14. I am easy to find if you follow my pro wrestling fandom or are familiar with one of my pseudonyms that is an allusion to one of my previous professions.

Now, tell me who you are. I have dropped enough hints about me.

“NRB is the best alliance” *Eric Shon


Best of wishes to you – I assume to be a Nordic male based on your name – sir.

Hi Raven, Some K14 drama for ya. Background: there are top 4 strong alliances that to a degree have (tenuous) peace and rotate castles/KL between each other and share titles no matter who holds KL. It used to be NoE, MEN, KR2 and mTD, in that order. KR2 (mostly Korean alliance) rebranded to ReD, and MEN got merged into NOM, high-spending newcomers that came over from a game called Sparta. You can see where the standings are now. There’s been a war happening between NOM & mTD (and their child alliances) vs ReD for the past two days, not 100% on what started it. It’s not clear what provoked them but NOM started hitting RDK, ReD’s child alliance, ReD then hit NOM, ximoui from mTD left and joined NOM temporarily to hit ReD, which brought ReD down on mTD and TDa (their child alliances). NoE hasn’t taken a side probably cause NOM dissolved ally statuses in favour of NAPs with specific rules, which made the rest follow suit. ReD moved in close and cosy next to NOM and they’ve been going back and forth (K14 X: 444 Y: 491) which is probably costing each side a lot of money, but they’re rebuilding as fast as they’re being hit. NOM joining the server actually probably motivated ReD to start spending more, because within days one of their players, rumrunner, climbed to 100m power, which suddenly caused ReD players to shoot past him – before that they’ve been sitting around maybe 30 or 40m comfortably for weeks not really doing much to increase that. It was crazy to watch. Keep an eye on those coords, should be some material for you.


This! Is! What! We! Live! For!

Granted this was already in the pipeline, but we are acquiring quite a backlog and I would be more than happy to just let you tell the story. If any details were wrong though, that would be on you. Still, I appreciate the effort and for making the time to reach us.

This is what we would like the community to become, because it is the man-on-the-street that has the best view of things happening in their kingdom. And with 40 servers and counting, we would need as many birds and three-eyed-ravens roving the vast world of Westeros as possible.

With that, we conclude the very first edition of Tales from the Rookery. We encourage everyone to continue submitting their thoughts, reactions, stories, and gossip with our raven messaging service.

Featured Image by Pexels.

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