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While some of the other kingdoms enjoy back-and-forth battles, complex strategies, methodical maneuvers, and on-the-dot execution, Castle Siege events on K6 have been no more than a procession and formality as alliances send a token rally to the Great City they are holding and wait for the timer to expire.

In another ho-hum affair, King’s Landing and Winterfell (Burning – FoF), as well as Riverrun (StormOfSwords – SvS), Storm’s End (BirdsOfWesteros – FLy), Highgarden (PaleYellowMoon – DnB), and Casterly Rock (HouseOfTheNorth – F0F) closed simultaneously with its previous holders retaining control for at least four more days. Sunspear, meanwhile, took roughly 30 more minutes to lock down after LastHopeRaid (LHR) changed banner leaders.

Then there was The Eyrie.

YogaPants of SeeknDestroy (SnD) successfully ousted Stronghold (F0F), which occupied the castle at The Vale for nearly an hour. With a ‘Most Devout’ buff in tow, Decapiteur of F0F attempted thrice to retake the Great City but failed.

Visual representation of YogaPants holding the fort

It was then FrostWolf who took over banner duties and after one unsuccessful foray, managed to finally penetrate The Eyrie. But this is without controversy as similarly-coded alliance HouseOfTheNorth attacked the SnD reinforcement fleet on standby. J0n Snow of FoF was also seen to be within the treeline near the SnD hive during that period.

From out of the blue, Fantasma (FAN) threw its hat into the ring and took the big castle. BitchyUnboundManiacs (bUM) then converged in the easatern corner near Stronghold’s hive, while J0n Snow, now carrying the bUM tag, settled on the treeline just next to FAN.

J0n Snow first feinted a rally before finally going for it to successfully claim The Eyrie for the members of the former LordsofDragons (LD0).

The fallout (76)

Immediately after the end of the CS, StarBlow of bUM declared that all Level 1 to 4 gathering sites are exclusively for their alliance and Level 5 nodes will be reserved for FoF.

Burning handed out sanctions to HouseOfTheNorth for violating the codex and apologized in behalf of J0n Snow for his actions during the CS. In addition, the former F0F alliance whose hive can be located at Casterly Rock is no longer part of the leading conglomerate and is now known as HOR.

Are Castle Sieges more action-packed than this? Give us a hoot today.

Video courtesy of Cardiff City FC.

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