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Hours before the K6 Castle Siege, F34RL3SS of then SeeknDestroy (SnD), now known as TheOutlawz (OTL), and Grothaus of Burning (FoF) found themselves arguing over matters of the kingdom while witnesses watch.

The SnD Duke’s initial tirade concerned FoF’s protectorates amid a dispute regarding gathering nodes. They stated that SnD does not have a bigger alliance to protect them but they can handle their own affairs just the same. They added that these smaller alliances found the gumption to throw their weight around since they are under the coverage of FoF’s umbrella.

F34RL3SS then went on to lambast the StormOfSwords (SvS), BirdsOfWesteros (FLy), as well as other independent alliances, revealing all of the pacts posted on each of these alliances’ profile declaration. To prove a point, they then showed XMEN’s (XMN) less cluttered declaration as an example of a leading lone wolf alliance before sarcastically motioning to Ekuz that XMN should join the FoF banner.

Hearing this commotion, Grothaus emerged from the FoF quarters to respond with his own soliloquy.

“No amount of bitching will convince us to allow everyone to farm any resources they want around our hive and (at) the Crownlands,” they said. “If defending our territory and keeping the large nodes for ourselves makes us ‘pussies’, [then] OK.”

Grothaus continued, “I’d say [that] continuing to send your troops to restricted nodes make your guys idiots. There’s a fine line between courage and stupidity; SnD tends to skate that line quite often.”

The FoF spokesperson rambled on, “I think its very courageous of SnD to not align themselves with FoF or SvS like many others have. It’s very principled,” before repeating their point from earlier.

To clarify, (PhoeniX) has previously stated [that] any alliance is free to make a territorial claim on nodes, if they think they have the power to enforce that claim. FoF does not act as enforcers of other alliances’ territorial claims as far as nodes are concerned. This applies to the f0f whose hive is around The Eyrie, other fof alliances, as well as protected alliances.

We, like anyone else, reserve the right to defend other alliances (including over node disputes) if we so please. But I would imagine the circumstances would have to be extreme enough to warrant such a response, and would vary based on the particular situation.

There is grey area here, but common sense dictates [that] if you attack another fof’s nodes enough, we may choose to get involved. The only territorial node claim we actively enforce is our own.


In light of this, FLy took the opportunity to call dibs on gathering nodes around Storm’s End. The released a statement saying:

FLy is the rightful owner of Storm’s End. All mints in the SE area are off-limits for anyone not allowed by FLy. Gathering these resource spots will result in attacks without warning to the player who performed the gathering. Allies are allowed to gather in the SE area.

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Image courtesy of Pexels.

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