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It is never too early for drama in Westeros it seems.

Two hours before the first Castle Siege on K41 started, Aegon Ash caused chaos by disbanding his own alliance, the top alliance in the kingdom. DalekPrime was left dumbfounded by the actions of his “blood brother”.

Our anonymous bird told The Raven Express, “DalekPrime was the leader, Aegon Ash his second (in command), and they know each other. Dalek trusted him with the so-called ‘bank account’ [that they] managed together. Earlier, Dalek passed leadership to the bank account, which in turn, made it possible for Aegon [to] have access to it [and] do what he did.”

“Some of the members claimed Aegon sent them messages and info that was opposite to what Dalek instructed, going as far as kicking some members arbitrarily in the past days,” our bird continued. “After disbanding the alliance, Aegon was still in possession of the bank account and a little hunt followed.”

Aegon Ash in disguise, being pursued by DalekPrime.

What followed was a heist caper where “Dalek followed the bank on the map before and after the siege and managed to claim most of it,” as per our source. The bank reportedly contained about ten million of each resource.

In between all of these, DalekPrime regrouped and formed a new alliance, now named Dishonoured (NZA). Aegon Ash, meanwhile, sought refuge at Imperium (#IM) and bubbled up during CS.

Several hours after the siege concluded, Mixology, formerly of #IM, switched sides and zeroed Aegon.

CS highlights

The CS event itself was less eventful as NZA barely encountered any resistance, securing all but one open Great City. Key battles during the CS include one at Winterfell, where Shinogami of #IM tried to capture the castle but lost their lord in the process.

Dalek was a one-castle wrecking crew, single-handedly taking Casterly Rock.

DalekPrime at Casterly Rock.

There were brief clashes at Highgarden and Riverrun, and Storm’s End was briefly held by another alliance for a time, but NZA had an overwhelmingly superior force over every one of their opposition, trampling them with their Elite troops.

Can your kingdom top this? Tell us all about it.

Video courtesy of Movieclips.

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