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Here is a hodgepodge of stuff happening from around Westeros.

Who is occupying abandoned 1KS castle?

Here is an old one we have sat on for awhile. One of our birds sent us proof that an abandoned castle located in the 100Kings (1KS) hive has its lights open.

This proved to be a curiosity as the Lord Redwind bade farewell on that lord’s behalf.

Transfers in a nutshell (turtle power)

Famtome of K14 has relocated to an older kingdom. StormWind, also from K14, is now with TraciaLegion (TcL) on K2. Twix is rumored to move from NORDMANN (NOM) to RedDevil (ReD).

Over on K1, Banana leaves LANNISTERS (LTS) for Tigerians (TIG). On K18, AIO of Fortress (RES) transferred to ArmyOfDead (AoD).

Meanwhile on K6, KrishnaP went from BendtheKnee (BtK) to XMEN (XMN). BitchyUnboundManiacs (bUM) appears to be recruiting Layla Black to join them.

Finally, SeeKnDestroy (SKD) of K25 is contemplating transferring to K8.

Overhaul on K6: players, alliances change names

A lot of changes occurred before and after the last Castle Siege on K6. After LordsOfDragons (LD0) dissolved, Kittyeyes changed alliances to LastHopeRaid (LHR) and is now known as caitlyn.

Two alliances inspired by songs also changed identity.

Coalition alliance PaleYellowMoon (DnB) is now known as TheGoldenCompany (TgC), while SeeknDestroy is now referred to as TheOutlawz (OTL).

Furthermore, Pac jr apologized on world chat for hitting his former allies. He also mentioned that he is currently going through serious things in life, which has caused distraction from him doing his Lordly duties. He has since renamed as L E O and has been accepted back into FLy.

‘Sunday Tea Party’ on K3

Remember that leak we told you about before? There is more where that came from as last week they held a “tea party” on K3.

How come we were not invited? Last time we checked, we only needed 810,000 alliance coins to travel there.

Practical problem with a practical techie solution

Jeff O’Dowd, Richard Ayoade, and Noel Fielding would be proud.

K8 sends out invitation, holds karaoke night

K8 delivered a raven message to all the realms of Westeros. We can say that the proposition is tempting.

I want cake! I want it!

The Raven Express also got word that there have been random instances of Lords and Ladies breaking into song on world chat as if they are on a musical.

Plot twist: He is the new occupant of the 1KS castle mentioned earlier.

Our bird from K8 one-ups that, informing us that karaoke night (or day for those who want to start early) is a staple in the Kingdom Plaza.

Can you name the tune in five notes?

Alliance too stoned to rally after consuming ‘grain’

After gathering special “Westerosi jute” and partaking them, several Lords and Ladies from a certain alliance forgot that they were supposed to call their troops for a rally. Their lumbering movement quarried their constituents.

Someone with a more iron-willed constitution wood most likely keep themselves in mint condition and be able to mine and farm more golden opportunities.

Is there anything interesting or funny that is going on in your kingdom? Share it with us and we will share it to the rest of the realms.

Videos courtesy of Juan Karlos Labajo, Metallica TV, and DisneyMusicVevo.

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