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Oh, do we have a lot to cover. In this edition: CS results, a world ranking update, council discussion leaked to the public, citizens of Westeros unable to speak, which is the most peaceful kingdom, and more.

LdA big winner on K18 CS

LivingDeadArmy (LdA) recovered from their subpar showing in the last Castle Siege by putting their banner on two Great Castles: Riverrun and Storm’s End. ArmyOfDead (AoD) and Fortress (RES) each gave up control of all their castles save for one.

Castles with new owners are Sunspear, Casterly Rock, and The Eyrie. ThronesElite (ThE) retained their hold of Highgarden.

“It was boring AF” – M87 on K1 CS

We caught up with M87 of 100Kings (1KS) on Cerealno’s Warg-Vision, and that above quote was his description of the recent Castle Siege on K1. Interesting things that came up during that broadcast is learning that QuaDesh is now with 1KS and that Nutzu has moved from LANNISTERS (LTS) on K1 to DaciaLegion (DcL) on K2.

Movement in the world player rankings

Lord Godiva lost his all-caps name as well as some rungs in the world player rankings after being overtaken by DcL’s WaAarbunny and fellow 1KS member MickeyMouse.

Inching up is Vladspiros of Athens (ONE), while someone who had a considerable jump is BAWBAG74 of 1KS.

Looks like overall leader Kynaston of ECLIPSE (ECL) will be staying put on K9, meaning there would be no Golden State Warriors/Galacticos-like superteam on K1. We can hear from where we are the rest of the kingdom sighing in relief.

Here are the rest of the top 12:

DcL holds festivals

Dacia Diplomat Advisor War Maiden informed us that they have been holding festivals since retaking King’s Landing from Athens.

“We have provided the people with several festivals since our return to KL,” she said. “[This is] in lieu of giving titles to only a handful of people from the top two alliances, considering the Rebellion is supposedly made up of over 20.”

Lord to avenge kicked spy

We would not even put words to describe this.

K24 holds ‘port and seek’ event

FlooHH of OrderOfValyria (O!V) organized a ‘port and seek’ event where he teleports to a random location in Westeros and other Lords and Ladies would look for him. He gave 50 Black Diamonds to the winner, who turned out to be Kanistan of O!V.

Before people cry out “Rigged!”, FlooHH assured everyone that he was unaligned during the event to prevent giving alliance mates an advantage. The event also had a side objective of locating ZhongGuoRen (CHN) castles separated from their hive.

Over in the diplomatic side of things in the kingdom, Karistan left GermanMania (MAN) for O!V with Michael152 being appointed Diplomat of MAN. JASSA took over Jacro as leader of ArmyOfTheDead (EXG).

Meanwhile, BandofWolves (WLV) and EREMETI (ERE) agree to a NAP deal and FuryoftheNights (FNW) finalized NAPs with several alliances. ForSaKen (K24) announced that they would not have NAPs for the weekend free-for-all, but advised its members just the same to spare alliances most badly hit by CHN the past week.

K6 trolls cite displeasure, invites everyone to go to K9

Here is an old one that we have kept in the back-burner because of more pressing issues. Two K6 trolls went to the Domain of the Old Gods to air their gripes, enumerating everything that ails in Westeros. As their conversation dragged on, they started inviting everyone within earshot to transfer to K9. Huh.

Council secrets leaked!

A leading kingdom coalition was being careless with their scrolls as minutes of their meetings have been revealed to the public. Exclusive here at The Raven Express, we present to you the leaked council notes:

The shock!
The horror!

Citizens left speechless

Just like Leila Mormont, who does not speak when you meet her at the Commander tab, citizens at certain times of the day are basically left dumb, unable to utter a word.

What they are saying is unutterable.

The award for the most peaceful kingdom is…

Name redacted #1: Seems like kingdom 11 most peaceful kingdom

Name redacted #2: K24 is very peaceful.

Is there anything noteworthy going on in your kingdom? Tell us.

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