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Here is a fresh batch of raven messages that The Raven Express received. Let us go through each one of them.

You recently published that a major alliance on K12 had split. That’s true. I’m Lord Reli of K12 and the Split happened between DVY (Divinity). The leaders and officers as well as members were unhappy with situations going on behind the scenes. A good majority of the DVY members left and made NBs (No Bullshit) to get away from the drama. Most of the remaining members of DVY then moved to various servers. Some went to K1, K2 and K10. Since that time, there has been a lot less drama and most of the members of the server are in agreement that the server is now moving in a positive direction. We are currently ranked #1 on the server and hold King’s Landing. We share the title buffs with the entire kingdom, managed by our new K12 Discord for requests. I think the server is in a better place now. We’ve had a chance to discuss what actually went on and we all agree the split was for the best. Thanks.

Lord Reli, Chief Knight and Lord Commander of NBs

It is good to hear from you. Thanks for giving us the lowdown of your kingdom. May we also request for an invite to your kingdom Discord server? Thanks.

About LDO merging with FoF -> there wasn’t any propositions I am aware.


We have touched upon this issue in our previous batch of raven messages.

suck a sch0ng


I am not sure what you are trying to say. It appears there is something in your mouth. Oh, you are trying to sing, is that it?

information over the k14 fight. NOM broke off the nap with all sister alliances, a fight ensued between lannister (ReD’s top member) and Volomancer while outside of the hive. lannister then joined RDK to get resources from them at which point Volomancer headed upto RDK hive to hit them then Lannister ported to the NOM hive and hit them there at which point NOM retaliated on ReD even though technically lannister was in RDK at the time 🙂

James Hankin

We have not written about the ongoing war between RedDevil (ReD) and NORDMANN (NOM) yet, but thanks for keeping everyone in Westeros updated with what is going on on K14.

30 Dragones, es la única alianza del K8 con idioma español !


That is good to know. May you do well in your kingdom.

In K2 around 19:00 Server time, DcL’s bank account KHALLISI’s bubble dropped and no one could bubble it again. The account had over 1 billion resources inside. ONE’s castles teleported closer to hit it, while DcL was trying to get the resources back to the alliance. Meanwhile DHE was hitting DcL from the flanks and managed to capture many lords. WaAarbunny was sleeping thorough all this. He will probably retaliate later to release lords, or he either does not care.


Thanks for sharing this to us. This sure was interesting. You have this and you have what happened on K41. What is with these banks and their breaches?

aight K36 drama A week ago before the CS that was before the one that just happened 2 days ago, most powerful alliance was [RIA] Valyria (now [TGN] Targaryens) ruled by Viseron. 2 powerful alliances were [COG] CallOfGods and [GDS] GODLESS. They struck a deal and CallOfGods told all active members to join GDS, which was ruled by RoyalBlooD. Come CS, GDS wipes the floor with RIA because of a few heavy-hitters with double digit million power like Belagold, BloodBlessed, Deathmum, and Ochsi. But they feel unappreciated, send all-alliance letter that they’re leaving, and start a new alliance called [MAD] MassDestruction, taking fully 1/2 of GDS power with them. Most of GDS jumps ship too and zeroes RoyalBlooD and GDS remnants, and takes KL and every castle but Winterfell (hrl), Spearfall (NGZ), and Riverrun (ATF) and executing Viseron’s Lord. I don’t have many of the screenshots of in game mail/discord bc I didn’t save and didn’t know about this, but it’s crazy drama – you can mssg almost all of these people in MAD hive right outside of KL. Side note: before all of this, RIA also experienced a fracture of some sort that led to its old leader being removed and Viseron being placed. Viseron’s 2nd in Command, SoulTyrant, broke off at some point and made his own alliance, [ATF] Aftermath. I wasn’t there for this as I am in MAD, but SoulTyrant is likely outside Riverrun in ATF hive. This was some crazy drama and if you get the scoop I think readers will love it.


There is a lot going on there. With those many twists and turns in such a short span of time, it sure feels like you are in Season 8.

TIG moving to K7, KIBA in 554 455, they will all move 😉


I have to admit. We do not get any dull mail. Knowing how Tigerians (TIG) work, they are most probably up to something.

There you have it. The thoughts, stories, and opinions of people-on-the-road. Keep our ravens busy; they like the exercise. And thanks to David Benioff and D.B. Weiss and their special skill of Power Pacing, our birds now have +10% flight speed.

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