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In this edition of the Express Raven, we shake things up a bit by putting up blind item tidbits for our readers to guess.

Top alliance in young kingdom dominates Castle Siege, to impose tax on rest of the populace

Talk about thinking ahead. Way ahead.

After stamping their might for the second straight CS event in their young kingdom, the top alliance is considering imposing taxes to help them prepare for winter even though it would not likely affect them for the next few months.

Translation: I think ahead. We say: This guy gets it.

According to our birds, a heavy hitter would come knocking on the doors of every alliance every week to collect dues. The alliance Duke is also considering opening their own Airbnb franchise for the Great Castles in their kingdom.

Meanwhile, the only interesting thing in that kingdom’s recent siege event is a splinter group causing mild confusion within the leading alliance and its sister alliances after a leader assumed the identity of somebody else.

Artist’s sketch of impostor commander

It was also revealed to us that some members of the top alliance are also Lords and Ladies in older kingdoms, one coming from a single-digit kingdom and another from the 30s.

Old kingdom alliances joining forces?

A leading alliance from one of the oldest kingdoms has decided to test the waters in another old kingdom. And from how the battle lines are being drawn, this alliance is looking to provide support to a clan that was deposed from its top spot earlier this month.

To counter this, the leading coalition and another top alliance have decided to shake off their differences. This caused several defections from that coalition, citing their disagreement of this newly-formed partnership.

Bank breach in another kingdom reported

The Raven Express received word that another bank breach occurred, this time in an alliance in a mid-single digit kingdom. With winter looming, the said alliance is imposing a kingdom-wide tax to fast-track Maester Tower research and the training of troops of their top banner leader.

Whether these events are connected to each other was left unconfirmed by our source.

Mid-teens Kingdom Common Hall formerly a 1KS training cell?

We recently found out that an unassuming edifice outside of Westeros that is now used by a mid-teens kingdom as its resident Common Hall used to be a 100Kings (1KS) training facility. Evidence of this is present upon entering with a banner greeting still in place there.

We got word that this banner has since been removed, but we cannot personally confirm unless we exit and then enter the same entrance as the first time.

Big Lord transferred with outside help?

[Used] to be biggest guy on K3 moved to K2, needed 90 scrolls. He said he would move only if the game gave it to him free. Then one month later, he’s on K2 as the biggest guy there.

Name redacted

The closest information we have prior to learning this is that the Lord was paid in carrots and that the Duke that recruited said Lord mortgaged his residence outside of Westeros in order to facilitate the hopping to this new kingdom. We did not take this seriously as this was obviously said in jest, but the above statement shed a new light to an old development.

So, is the Lord in question a “hillbilly with a Visa” as he himself proclaims, or did he seek assistance from the Old Gods? The popular opinion among the non-existent Raven Express staff is that following Occam’s Razor, the former is the more probable explanation.

Unless tinfoil hat-wearing nameless Lord/Lady can present evidence stating otherwise. This individual’s alliance has since left its box on K3 and has moved to K14.

Can you guess any of these items? Comment below or send us a raven message.

Jaqen H’ghar image courtesy of HBO.

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