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With everybody in Westeros anticipating the coming winter, K8 is employing its own disaster-preparedness program.

For security reasons, SerCalvin of OblivionDynasty (OBV) did not divulge much but he assured The Raven Express that they are stocking up for the coming deluge. To date, 20 alliances have committed to the program.

“A defensive plan is already in the works,” he said. “All alliances will have a role to play.”

We were not able to verify if this program includes keeping non-combat-ready individuals inside crypts.

Kingdom rogues zeroed, hunted

JOK3R of DaciaLegion (DcL) was recently cleared by members of OBV on K8. It was reported the Lord was seen fleeing from the palace after it was emptied of troops and ransacked of resources.

DcL Duke SavinLiviu offered asylum to JOK3R on K2 but the latter declined and has put the castle for sale.

Meanwhile, a bounty is in place for Sir BRONN and Clegaine, as well as for the rest of Sparta (ROU).

ROU is now a rogue alliance. Sir BRONN and Clegaine are two players we’re actively hunting. They’ve been attacking gathering sites and hives on purpose during king’s peace.

If you spot them, post their coordinates on world chat. All high-level players are encouraged to hit them on sight.

K8 welcomes new alliance

Nirvana (LOL) of K18 made their way to K8. An announcement was pinned on the Kingdom Common Hall bulletin board stating the following:

An alliance named [LOL] Nirvana will be moving to K8 shortly. Please don’t attack them. They’ll be given a week’s protection to settle.

OBV at war with three alliances

OblivionDynasty is currently battling a three-front war among Gladiators (2N8), GrandeInverno (GRI), and PolskaMoc (1PM). As per SerCalvin, there are still three more in their hitlist, with one he revealed being HouseSpringer (HSp).

“Right now we have too many chiefs,” he explained. “Those alliances we hunt have poor leadership, or leadership that doesn’t want to cooperate. Our hope is that the players will stay, but move to other alliances eventually.”

“Given how many alliances are moving to K8, we won’t be short of players or activity. We’re trying to find a good balance,” Calvin added. “Consolidation happens in every server. K8 will be no different.”

He also cited a previous scenario where they drove out a Lord by force for not keeping his sword inside his chain mail when in the presence of Ladies at the Common Kingdom Hall.

If there is anything interesting going on in your kingdom, share it with us.

Feature image courtesy of Harding University.

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