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In today’s issue of the The Raven Express Wilderness Edition, we will feature a frivolity so uncommon that we have to take an oath that what we uncovered is something real.

In our travels far and wide in the seas that surround Westeros, we caught sight of an aquatic moose darting in and out of the shores of the Sunset Sea near Casterly Rock.

Unlike blurry pictures of Bigfoot, this image maximized whatever digital graphic settings our laptop monitor are set to at that moment.

This creature is a curiosity since we have never encountered a cervid of any size dart so fast on water, giving it the illusion that it is floating. Upon closer inspection, their nimble legs and spry movement indeed give them the ability to defy physical laws of bouyancy.

We asked Grand Maester Samwell Tarly if the Citadel holds any record of this rare species of elk. Upon consulting his catalog, he shook his head and gave a negative answer.

If any of our readers catch sight of this strange animal, let us know. Any image – whether stationary or moving – showing evidence of this buoyant mass of antlers would be accepted by our office staff.

Got any inanities to share? Send it to us.

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