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Aside from collating news, gossip, and drama from all the realms, we have also been occupied with Alliance Mobilization. Please bear with us.

We hope this packed Express Raven makes up for missed time.

DcL retakes King’s Landing after marathon CS event

In what is deemed as the longest Castle Siege on K2, DaciaLegion (DcL) managed to reclaim the top castle in Westeros after a seven-hour slog. Newly-established allies Athens (ONE) and the Rebellion took the rest of the Great Cities

No bowmen were harmed in the making of this reenactment. More details below.

There were several misplays as noted by a Lady involved in the skirmish as an alliance leading a charge recalled bowmen and decided to rally with an all-melee force. A neutral observer also pointed out that some banner leaders’ equipment and Lords were not maximized to their most effective.

“(Banner leaders) were all using bad equipment,” said an off-kingdom Lord to The Raven Express.

The Eyrie once again point of contention on K6 CS

The Eyrie was the epicenter once more in the last K6 siege event with five different alliances surrounding the big castle. In the end, Fantasma (FAN) was the last guild standing after rally leader Layla White (née Black) took the castle from SeeknDestroy/TheOutlawz (OTL) and thwarted incursion attempts from OTL and BitchyUnboundManiacs (bUM).

Equilibrium in K18 CS reached

Every Great Castle ended being held by a unique alliance in the last K18 Castle Siege with ArmyOfDead (AoD) retaining control of King’s Landing. Vengence (mmt) and RestInPieces (RIp) had a protracted clash for Winterfell before the castle finally closed after about six hours with mmt inside.

The event was witnessed live by everyone in Westeros via HiadamAu’s Warg-Vision after Melisandre sent ravens to all the realms.

K14 CS is ReD all over

RedDevil (ReD) of K14 continues to stamp their class over the rest of the kingdom after laying stake on five Great Castles, namely, King’s Landing, Riverrun, Storm’s End, Highgarden, and Winterfell.

Transfer more (robots in disguise)

Now for your regular switcheroo update.

On K14, Arynn is now with NORDMANN (NOM), Grey is with MightyTurtleDucks (mTD), and Exalted of ReD has changed identities from Volononcer to Mail.

Former K1 alliance LANNISTERS (LTS) has made K2 their new residence, but there are rumors that some might be headed to K16. Meanwhile, EternalNight (#EN) quietly transferred to K5.

Prior to the last K6 CS, Stronghold (SGh) has severed their ties with Burning (FoF) and has also replaced their alliance code from F0F. Other changes include FoF kicking Lord Maria from the alliance.

Everyone else was changing names and, well, we felt left out.


Still on K6, F34RL3SS of once again identified as SeeknDestroy had another impulsive declaration that they would move the team to K25 once that kingdom would be open for transnational migrants. Dred of BirdsOfWesteros (FLy) is consdering changing names to Mike Ox.

This just in: Alliance WinterisComing (WIC) is reported to be leaving K1 for less snowy pastures.

Kingdom rogues hunted, zeroed (international edition)

K10 miscreant Awain was hit via concerted effort by various commanders. Left to lick their wounds, the hunted castle owner was left with nothing but threats, sending everyone a raven message stating that K1 will be coming for them. Those who received the mail laughed it off and resumed their celebration at the Kingdom Common Hall.

Meanwhile, the looming winter may or may not affect K24, but the kingdom has its own pests that pester them, namely donuts and the ZhongGuoRen (CHN) alliance. Although the kingdom has a weekday-imposed period of peace, everybody is still on high alert for random visits by these renegades.

donuts in the wild catching unbubbled castles unaware.

Is K1 dead?

The end is nigh on K1, according to a local doomsayer.

This is after the kingdom has supposedly reached a stasis point with Lords and Ladies treating Castle Siege as a formality. Add the fact that castles and alliances are seen teleporting to other kingdoms.

Or maybe they are just referring to the Kingdom Common Hall, where people rarely go to anymore.

Whatever the case is, this maybe what S08 post-credits feels and looks like.

We live to hear from you and your kingdom. Send us a raven message today.

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