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Winter has come early on K6. And this is despite the fact that War of the Kingdoms is still a few days away at the earliest.

Reigning alliance Burning (FoF) has declared open hostilities to all of its subjects starting July 1, Westerosi time. Or that was how everybody in the kingdom interpreted it.

Good day, everyone.

Our Kingdom might be selected as the target for attack of some other kingdoms. They think that during the long peace, we [have] collected tonnes of (resources) and [that] we don’t know how to make war.

And as we have KvK or invasion upcoming – you should learn how to protect yourselves. And it is better to get this knowledge in ‘family circle’ instead of give our resources and experience to the invaders.

[In the following] days, we will try to share information and defense strategies with you.

And in 1.07.2019 (00-00 GTM\Server time), we will become enemies of all who go to sleep without bubble, don’t hide his lord in the shelter, and have tonnes of unprotected resources or troops. Treat this as a declaration of war to all.

Also, I hope our people will receive a few lessons from you too.

Also, we want to see players with T4 and close to T4 [join] FoF – because it is not about the war inside the kingdom any more.

Also, we are really hoping that strong players will stay strong to move forward after this training event will end.

Also, red titles will be removed from “criminals” – total King’s mercy.

*During KvK, we are ready to (lend) T4 players to alliances which will show themselves good during this training.

PhoeniX, FoF Diplomatic Advisor

In response to this declaration, Casanova of TheGoldenCompany (TgC) announced that their coalition will be taking in refugees to their hives.

Our coalition (TgC, FLy – BirdsOfWesteros, LHR – LastHopeRaid, SvS – StormOfSwords, and NwW – NightsWatchWarriors) invites the top 20 alliances to join hives with us for protection from the FoF training exercise. Please contact one of our alliance leaders for further details. We will be reaching out to top 20 alliance leaders as well.

As you move over, please note that all nodes are open for farming. Attacking an occupied node will not be tolerated! May the Many-Faced God look kindly upon you!

The kingdom has gone to turmoil after several contentious Castle Sieges. In the last CS event, The Eyrie once again took the spotlight with four alliances making a play for the castle, closing after five hours with BringUrMoma (bUM) the last king of the hill.

With fair play thrown out of the window, the codex is all but forgotten by now. However, the cracks started to show a couple of siege events earlier.

“It’s good to see more people voicing their opinion about the codex and the ‘leadership’ of FoF. Today showed people, and especially FoF, just how popular or not they are on the kingdom,” a Lord said to The Raven Express in a private Common Hall room as a reaction to the events that happened during this CS.

“It is not war, it is training” – FoF

Blackfirez of FoF, or mostly recognized as Ultimate of Avengers (|A|) on K1, clarified some of the citizens’ concerns, stating that what their alliance instituted is a training session in preparation for War of the Kingdoms. Additionally, they would round up inactive Lords and Ladies and abandoned castles first.

“We really want to make sure resources and soldiers (read: experience) don’t get stolen by our enemies – those that will be coming during KvK and maybe in other events,” Ultimate said. “We we want to clean the casuals so enemies of us during KvK don’t take the resources or kill scores.”

Blackfirez added, “The intention of the whole codex with the peace was to build a strong kingdom.”

Ultimate also mentioned that they are looking for Lords and Ladies willing to moderate the Kingdom Common Hall.

NwW, FAN declare war on bUM

NwW and Fantasma (FAN) announced that they would be at war against bUM, which would commence at 1525H on June 26, Westerosi time. Actual casus belli was not stated.

Meanwhile, StarBlow of bUM reasserted that non-level 5 resource sites within The Vale are exclusive for his alliance after retaking The Eyrie from FAN in the last siege.

Is there unease in your kingdom or is it peaceful where you are? Let us know by sending us a raven message.

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