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We overheard a Tyrion Lannister-type of castle owner boasting of their knowledge of realm-wide affairs to a wide-eyed crowd in a Common Kingdom Hall. They tell tales of exploits from kingdoms far as well as narrating to their captured audience inter-kingdom gossip.

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According to them, WaAarbunny would like to face 100Kings (1KS), but something is holding him back. Instead, it was LANNISTERS (LTS) that went to K2 and have established some form of diplomatic bond with DaciaLegion (DcL). One wonders how this dynamic would work out in the event the two oldest kingdoms get paired at the War of the Kingdoms.

name redacted then went on to inform everyone that 1KS might be headed to K3 to confront Avengers (GTH), while Eclipse (ECL) would not be going anywhere as they most likely will hold the fort for K9. They added that a Spanish-speaking alliance from K3 might transfer to K6.

K2 alliances to migrate to mid-teen kingdoms

Another unconfirmed transfer caused by the fallout of K2 is that Athens (ONE) might reincarnate on K16 and that some alliances or Lords and Ladies would like to give K18 a try. Silones of K2 is set to pack his bags for K9.

Over at the Common Westeros Thread Board, we found this posted notice of an alliance looking for mercenary Lords and Ladies to help them with affairs in their kingdom.

Confirmed transfers

WinterisComing (WIC) members were seen on K2 and was warmly ‘welcomed’ by the then-ONE and Rebellion.

This just in: HiadamAu of K18 is now with 1KS.

Do you spot any new castle or alliance in your kingdom? Let us know.

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