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Here we go again with the latest bits from around the realm. In this edition: a Lady being disowned, a kingdom buff being put into vote, and CS results everywhere.

AoD burns kingdom and other K18 updates

We got a report that ArmyOfDead (AoD) of K18 initiated scorched earth last week, a day before the next scheduled CS and days ahead of what is supposedly the start of War of the Kingdoms. The purpose of this series of punitive attacks was not determined.

Meanwhile, Lusthawk of TheDirewolves (DWV) informed everyone at the Common Kingdom Hall that Shadow Arya is persona non grata after discovering that she was sending fabricated messages supposedly coming from the DWV Duke.

I found out she is doctoring messages from me sending to other people making it appear that I said things I which didn’t to besmirch me. THIS I will not tolerate, and I have lost any sympathy I had for her. I have no remorse for liars.

She is doctoring messages and making up other lies about me, not letting her step down from leadership and falsely claimed that I was yelling at her demanding she get back to work while she was in the hospital. I provided those members screenshots (not editable text, which is what she sent them) of those exact conversations so they could see where she doctored them.

Not everyone here knows me well, but that is not my way. I don’t tolerate anyone attacking each other personally, and I certainly would never do that myself.

As of now, Shadow Arya is an enemy of DWV.

In the latest Castle Siege, TheRedWedding (TrW) raised their banner in five Great Cities.

K11 Mexican standoff is no longer Mexican

The peace among the three leading alliances on K11 came to a head when one of the alliances absorbed the other with the third getting attacked in the process due to miscommunication.

Meanwhile, someone left this question at the Common Westeros Thread Board, looking to compare K13 with K11.

Kingdom-wide buff put to vote on K12

K12 overlords NoBS (NBs) put up a poll on what the populace would like the next kingdom-wide buff be. As per King (Queen?) Maleficent1:

The vote appears to be for research buff. So immediately following close of siege, assuming we continue to hold King’s Landing, I will put on a research fair… for [the] entire kingdom.

Here is the current Great City lineup on K12.

This just in: Lord Reli of NBs handed Lady Poptart of FACELESS (FCL) the most thoughtful mail award.

I’d like to take a moment to thank Lord Kellogg, without whom I wouldn’t be here today. I’d also like to thank my friends and family. Always my inspiration for all things silly, and worthy of gifs.

From the bottom of my toaster, with all of the crumbs, thank you all.

Lady Poptart

Kingdom-wide ceasefire leads to ‘boring’ Castle Siege

As per King WarSheep of DothrakiRiders (DHR), the 20 biggest alliances on K17 agreed to a ceasefire, a first in kingdom history, to get ready for the looming War of the Kingdoms.

We have agreed to a total ceasefire, effective immediately, between DHR and MYM.

The reason for the ceasefire is simple: Kingdom 17 wants to perform well during KvK.

The best way to do this is to temporarily suspend hostilities in order to grow and to work together to subsequently reap the rewards offered by this event. Therefore, we ask that no one attacks anyone until the end of the KvK event.

We ask you, as a top 20 alliance, to join in this ceasefire, for the benefit of the whole kingdom. Please note that if anyone, whether solo or as an alliance, decides to break this ceasefire, they will be targeted by the signatories of this accord.

It is crucial that everyone please keep to the ceasefire until KvK ends!

Because of that announcement, the succeeding CS was nothing more than a formality.

Is there anything worth sharing that is happening in your kingdom? Tell us today.

Disloyal boyfriend image courtesy of Time.

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