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K2 has been the kingdom where legends have been made. Add DaciaLegion (DcL) to the countless names citizens of Westeros need to remember.

DcL completed a near sweep of all Great Cities in one of the most competitive kingdoms in Westeros, taking all but The Eyrie. Newcomer alliance WinterisComing (WIC) is the other clan with a castle.

Several factors have been cited that caused the tide to turn towards Dacia’s favor, mostly in Athens’ (ONE) doing, which would come to light in a later feature. One of the most immediate was Korillion’s transfer to K10 prior to the start of the last CS.

Meanwhile, aftershocks continue to be felt days after with several Lords and Ladies, as well alliances, departing for different kingdoms. Over at the home front, a major realignment occurred with the formation of BalerionsDread (BDD), a merger of former ONE members and several key DragonHeim (DHE) personnel.

As for Dacia, they made moves to reach out to everyone in the kingdom to help prepare everyone for War of the Kingdoms.

“Dacia is reaching out to all the alliances on K2 to build a Kingdom Council to discuss KvK and work on some kingdom rules for the future with alliance leaders and their diplomats,” DcL Diplomat Advisor War Maiden informed The Raven Express.

Viriathus of Crows (CRI) concurred that this is happening, “Putting own pride aside, as kingdom pride is more important. All CRI players understand this, as well as most of the people in the kingdom.”

For now, discussion has been centered on War of the Kingdoms.

“Only thing we discussed post-KvK is that diamond mines will be left for smaller alliances as they need this more than our big and mid-sized alliances,” Viriathus said. “It’s also an incentive for smaller alliances to do their part on KvK.”

Meanwhile, representatives of Dacia were found entering the K6 Common Kingdom Hall. War Maiden clarified that her alliance would not be transferring.

“Building the community is all,” she said. “It’s nice to talk with others that don’t want toxic, abusive, and negative behavior. [We are also there to] exchange ideas [and whatnot].”

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      1. 9.) Kings Landing gatherings are for DcL, who comes too close even from allies, risks to get attacked on them, otherwise we hit gatherings only if we get provoked from someone specific. says:

        I would like to see it please.


      2. Nice name.

        We received this screenshot in the morning (our time zone) of the day of K2 CS.

        The siege event did not begin until evening our time.

        We are not sure why we have to prove anything. Does it really matter whether Korillion transferred before or after CS or if they participated in the event before transferring?

        DcL won. That’s what matters. Congratulations!


      3. Here’s a counter-offer. Why not show proof that Korillion participated in the last Castle Siege to prove they were in the kingdom during the event.

        You can say that they sat this one out if there’s no report of them attacking or defending during CS. In that case, it would still be immaterial whether Korillion was on K2 at that time as their supposed presence would not change the outcome.


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