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Just because everybody is deep in preparation for War of the Kingdoms means there is no news. We are actually thankful for this brief lull so that we can catch up with our backlog.

Aquilo makes headway in war against NoE and K14; LOP reacts to newcomer alliance

We are surmising the “A” stands for Admiral WarHawk

K14 alliances Aquilo (AQU) and NoExcuse (NoE) have been at each other’s throat for days now, and it appears that the smaller of the two clans are winning in their encounters.

As per Antoinette of AQU, “We have so far killed [an] estimated 4.5 to 5 million troops of theirs… We have executed 13 of their lords.”

AQU’s haul from NoE’s farm castle

While The Raven Express have a representative of the League of Peace on hand, we decided to ask her thoughts on newcomer alliance BreakersOfChains (BoX), which has jumped up to sixth in the kingdom alliance power rankings.

“It’s a new kid in the block effect,” Antoinette said. “When they first came over, they received a very ‘warm’ welcome from ReD (RedDevil). Then, they made [it] to the K14 ranking board. All of a sudden, alliances reached out to them for NAP or to be allies.”

She added, “I say K14, after having dealt with Top 4’s (alliances) redundant and incessant idiocy, is craving something new. So in my view, it’s not an aggressive recruitment but more of willing applicants [wanting to join].”

Former K3 Lord reminisces time in old kingdom

Luxury Bacon of K6′ Burning (FoF) had a sudden bout of nostalgia and went on to retell the history of K3 at the Common Kingdom Hall. According to them, after Avengers (GTH) lost their core members, the kingdom died.

“GTH lost their core players,” Luxury Bacon said. “First was WaAarBunny, my master and friend. After [that], Cersei Queen, VIKI1, and a lot more. K3 is the empire of the dust…”

“Soon, GTH will lose even (King’s Landing),” they rambled on. “This siege was close, but Kull arrived in the last minute with T4 (troops).”

On a related note, g3aker of IronBorn (IrB) clarified some details of the siege event mentioned above in his Warg-Vision broadcast.

Cerealno announces broadcasting K1 CS, does something else

Speaking of Warg-Vision, Cerealno had a broadcast last night to supposedly cover the K1 Castle Siege. However, the show was anything but, as he instead tried his luck beating Sansa Stark at the Weirwood Tree for the millionth try, dispensed advice on commanders and how to top the Training Grounds rankings, and raided some poorly defended castles.

There was a moment during the siege event that Bruderbund (BOB) briefly lost Casterly Rock to LANISTERS (LSS), and that was the only time Cerealno paid attention to the CS.

Speaking of BOB, time for a segue.

Alliances active at recruiting

The Domain of the Old Gods is where every Lord or Lady go to ask an audience or file a grievance, and with everyone there, wily alliances took the opportunity to put up recruitment ads in the alliance channel.

Two alliances with the latest posts include Bruderbund (BOB) and Eclipse (ECL) of K9.

Living in your mom’s basement? Quit school at 15, or got laid off? Can you survive solely on hotpockets and monster drinks?

Roadie, BOB

Speaking of ECL, here is another segue.

K9 puts up rules for whales to moderate their greed


Transfer-riffic updates

Viriathus, formerly of Crows (CRI) on K2, is now on K5. Some CRI members are rumored to be on the move as well. Meanwhile, there are mutterings of Raven (R4V) going to either K5 or K10.

Someone who made the move to CRI is Vladspiros.

Another alliance migrating to K10 is NordicReborn (NRB), now known as ENERGY (NRJ).

According to our bird on K10, “I think a lot of the older kingdoms are so top heavy that good [and] above average alliances are looking for a place they can grow and matter a bit more.”

They added, “We’re seeing a steady migration of alliances in the (one billion) range. I think that’s their aim and we want them.”

ATG bade farewell to K6 and is now residing on K17. According to rumors, Zulu of K11 has relocated to K1.

Wedding on K2

Note: this event transpired weeks prior to the latest upheaval on K2. Rather than update the information therein, we decided to publish it as it occurred that day.

In a wedding ceremony The Raven Express attended in secret, THE DUDE and Aleera, both of the DragonHeim (DHE) alliance, got married. DragonQueen1 of Athens (ONE) presided the ceremony, while Djo of ONE gave the final blessing and opened the bar to all those who are present.

The ceremony was held at the ChurchOfSnod in the Ascendancy (DHV) hive. WaAarbunny of DaciaLegion (DcL) was the guest of honor and principal sponsor. He attended wearing the motif of the wedding.

Is there anything in your kingdom that could top these? Tell us all about it.

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