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We are nearing the halfway point of Westeros’ first War of the Kingdoms, and here some updates in some of the battles going on.

K14 locking down K9

In what can be considered the biggest surprise in this edition of the War of the Kingdoms, RedDevil (ReD) of K14 was able to capture Kynaston’s lord.

As of our latest update, K14 has 693 million points to K9’s 410 million and that K14 has all big castles under its fold.

Blunder causes K17 to take K16 big castle

ColdAsIce of DothrakiRiders (DHR) was supposed to take their shift as head banner of The Eyrie in their home kingdom. However, they ended up rallying and capturing an identical castle but in a different kingdom.

Meanwhile, K17 war correspondent WarSheep also joined in the fun, managing to take K16′ Winterfell by themselves.

K18 takes lead in early returns

In an update sent to us an hour and a half after War of the Kingdoms commenced, K18 took the early lead against opposing kingdom K13.

THIS JUST IN: K13 gets upperhand in next batch of updates

K8 takes advantage of K6 in disarray

K8 took a big lead early on, going ahead by as much twice as K6′ production.

As of posting time, K8 is in control of 13 of the Great Castles in contention.

K1 trouncing K2

In a battle of the big boys, K1 is ahead in points against K2. Highlights can be found here.

Alliances on same side attacking each other?

We received a report that rival alliances on K10 took advantage of the War of the Kingdoms to hit one another. Just because you wear the same colors does not mean you are friendly to each other. Are we right?

Not the actual fight, but it is a close approximation.

K5 doing well against K4; K7 leads K3

According to our bird stationed on K5, they are humming along fine as they are comfortably ahead entering the 11th hour of hostilities. Meanwhile, K7 owns the advantage over K3.

Do you want more updates concerning every corner of Westeros? Bookmark The Raven Express. For comments, suggestions, and scoops, you can contact us here.

Image courtesy of The New York Times. Featured image courtesy of IMDB.

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  1. KVK FINAL RESULTS – 4th July 2019
    verified by kingdom players.
    Compiled by K17 [ELT] EUGENE BEH

    K1 vs K2
    K1 = 21 Bil
    K2 = 17 Bil

    K3 vs K7
    K3 = 1.2 Bil
    K7 = 1.8 Bil

    K4 vs K5
    K4 = 2.09 Bill
    K5 = 1.97 Bil

    K6 vs K8
    K6 = 1.5 Bil
    K8 = 2.4 Bil

    K9 vs K14
    K9 = 8.19 Bil
    K14 = 14.26 Bil

    K10 vs K11
    K10 = 15 Bil
    K11 = 13 Bil

    K12 vs K15
    K12 = 1.3 Bil
    K15 = 1.2 Bil

    K16 vs K17
    K16 = 938 Mil
    K17 =  1.30 Bil

    K13 vs K18
    K13 = 1.56 Bill
    K18 = 1.55 Bill

    K19 vs K20
    K19 = 1.28 Bill
    K20 = 489 Mil


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