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Familiarity breeds contempt.

With all of the cross-pollination that has happened between K1 and K2, their War of the Kingdoms matchup resembled old couple sex: they would not like to do it given the chance, but they would go through it if they are obliged to.

Also, habits die hard as the two oldest kingdoms in Westeros approached the kingdom-wide skirmish the only way they know how: by pounding each other until they are red and sore.

Trigger warning: the following images contain a lot of blood.

Jack The of 100Kings (1KS) recounted, “It’s not like they where pushovers. We only had (Lord) Godiva not even half [of the war period], but the rest of the big guys were rallying large players and players like myself set traps up for them. Even though we lost in some reports, we actually won; you can see it on the BR drop on the report.”

Emerging from the gangbang is Cerealno, who unloaded all his might against every comer, not minding the size or girth of his opposition’s army.

“He also helped out FAB (FireandBlood) a lot,” said a Lord we interviewed who was a witness to the carnage. “I think that 1KS kept [King’s Landing] on K2 all day… Also, K2 does not own a single castle for hours now.”

As pertained to by the Lord above, K1 was scoring easy points by taking control of the Great Castles. Meanwhile, K2 managed to keep the gap close, but it was through grit and lots of bloodletting.

It was like trading mid-range jump shots for three-pointers.

“K1” Korver for threeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

THIS JUST IN: K2 alliances on mass exodus

The aftermath of the recent War of the Kingdoms continue to affect K2 as we got reports of a number of alliances leaving or considering departing the kingdom.

The scene on K2 right now. Maybe.

How was your experience at War of the Kingdoms? Share them to us.

Video courtesy of NBA and Movieclips.

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