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Count this as a victory for the small kingdoms of Westeros.

Almost singlehandedly, WalletsOfDestruction (WMD) gave K13 the victory over a K18 side that had to rely on unconventional means to score and eat away a deficit that ballooned after a considerable amount of Lords and Ladies clocked in for just a half a day in order to celebrate a holiday outside of Westeros.

Close, but no cigar.

As mentioned in our halftime report, K18 took an early lead but lost it along the way.

“They (K13) had an attack squad come in and hit Highgarden and ThE (ThronesElite) pretty hard,” reported our K18 correspondent. “[They] also had their big guys running rampant and going around grabbing up castles.”

Our kingdom bird added, “Peacemaker from COH (CommitteeOfHundred) lost one million troops. That’s part of how they got the lead from us.”

This is the most fun we had tracking large numbers that does not involve casting votes or pledging donations.

“[War of the Kingdoms] started with K18 [running away with] a big lead thanks to two members that started raiding K13,” KPI of TheRedWedding (TrW) recalled. “After about three hours in, key members of WMD ported to K18 and started raiding hives. Unfortunately, these hives barely had bubbles so K13 got lots of points out of [them].”

“Castles on both kingdoms were mainly in custody of K18 for the first six hours or so, but as it is July 4, most of K18 had to sadly log out,” KPI continued. “After this, K13 took the castles and [held] them since.”

Desperation becoming apparent and time running out, K18 employed a last-ditch tactic that was borne from serendipity: gathering iron on K13. This they did for a good part of the second half of the War of the Kingdoms, and they almost pulled off a wacky victory Penelope Pitstop would be proud of.

The TrW officer rued that having a compact kingdom worked to the advantage of K13, “In my opinion, K13 has superior tactics and had a big advantage because K13 has about 20-40% of players that K18 has. So, K13 has a lot more to kill than we do.”

“WMD is very different [compared to] alliances on K18,” KPI obsevered. “Most of the castles that are on the 30-50 million power level ignore research and [instead] mass build troops. There are WMD members who have 40 million power but almost 1.5 million troops.”

Did your kingdom employ a unique method to garner points at War of the Kingdoms? Tell us about it.

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