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Quantity over quality.

This was proven by K14 after beating Westeros’ most powerful Lady and her kingdom in a lopsided contest.

We can end the article here and move on to the next recap. But you want details, right?

“Surprise that K14 winning when it’s 16 [Level IV troops against five],” Monkeyman819 of K9 said indignantly.

7-1. 14-8. Close enough.

“We were so underprepared,” the former K1 Lord admitted, who then paraphrased Linkin Park. “I tried so fucking hard to prepare us, but none of the other alliances wanted to cooperate.”

Monkeyman819’s quote should answer your question.

“Most of the alliances were able to put aside the internal fights, and we gathered a team of people from a lot of alliances, be them big or small,” mentioned Rhaegal III of NoExcuse (NoE). “People tried to provide as much as they could: scouting, scanning the map, porting, fighting, going [on] rampage, being brave, [and so on]. There was a lot of communication between people… Sometimes things got heated, of course, but it was a feast.”

“K14 is an active, lively server with many people being active,” Rhaegal III chimed in, remarking how they were able to maintain the lead even if their side is getting hit by K9’s monster castles. “Every little ant is part of the play. And it didn’t hurt of course some ants are not that small either.”

They also gave kudos to Annor for putting together a communication channel were all K14 leaders converged to discuss War of the Kingdoms.

“Being part of it, feeling part of a community was what made it work,” the NoE Lord pointed out.

The attacks that broke K9’s spirit.

It was not all bad for K9 though, as like Brazil, Kynaston scored token wins.

And true to form, K14 celebrated the victory the way they know how: by gloating on world chat.

Still, this being K14, backstabbing is part and parcel of the kingdom’s modus operandi. We received an anonymous tip that one of the four big alliances attacked another at the start and that same clan also made a deal with Eclipse of K9. With things going south, this “big four” guild made a belated offensive on K9 to at least score points.

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Video courtesy of FIFATV.

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