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A temporary peace was all K17 needed to come up with a strategy for the War of the Kingdoms. Enigmatic K16, on the other hand, did not have much to show in the event proper.

When asked how they were able to pull off the victory, WarSheep of K17 enumerated, “We [had] a good preparation… and the fact we united the kingdom for this event.”

“ELT (Elite) had good raids on K16, and DHR (DothrakiRiders) kept [King’s Landing, Highgarden and The Eyrie on] K17. We split all the great cities among every alliance. We [had] a certain protocol to follow in case of invaders,” the K17 King added.

According to the DHR Duke, there were clashes in the other Great Castles. TheOldGod (OGS) of K16 was not able to nail one for long periods as the K17 camp would either easily retake them or defend them effectively.

As per WarSheep, K16 waved the white flag after 7omo and Kresnik Snow were cleaned of their castles. Nevertheless, K17 continued with the onslaught with ELT reclaiming Highgarden on K16.

“We just want to have fun, kill some troops, [and] doing the event until the end,” WarSheep explained. “We will share the bigger blue diamonds mines with the lowest-rated people [of] our kingdom to help them grow a bit.”

GeMbErKoEk surmised, “K16 has no (Level IV troops), K17 does. I imagine that must have been a huge factor.”

“I have to say that OGS put a really good fight,” WarSheep said of their opponents.

THIS JUST IN: K17 cease fire ceases, war resumes; K17 CS

With War of the Kingdoms out of the way, the internal strife within K17 resumed as the cease fire lapsed a day after the event.

Here is WarSheep’s account of the kingdom’s most recent Castle Siege:

“DHR [held Winterfell, The Eyrie, Highgarden, and King’s Landing]. ELT went [on to] take [Sunspear and Storm’s End].”

Skirmish at The Eyrie.
Rally attack at Storm’s End.

“We got [Riverrun] but lost the battle [at Casterly Rock]. Wildfire attacked DHR after the CS, so Nevertheless rallied him.”

Finally, Thrasher stepped down as Duke of MeetYourMaker (MYM). Replacing them is MorganStark.

How are you recovering from the recent War of the Kingdoms? Tell us via raven message.

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