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To anyone, TWICE Mina was a beast during the War of the Kingdoms, going boom boom on K15-land and leaving the mid-teens kingdom blaq and pink. We can only sigh at his gangbanging style that helped K12 secure a come-from-behind conquest.

Sweet impact, this one.
Because there is nobody, nobody like him.
TWICE BTS (beating the shit) out of K15’s lovelyz.
NoBS (NBs) in your area.

If there were betting lines for War of the Kingdom matchups, those who wagered for K12 to lose would have ended up, well, losing.

Words cannot express how proud I am of all of K12. You guys performed just as I knew you would! If I ever hear another person say K12 is weak, I will completely lose my shit! You guys rock! Now gather those diamonds and rebuild!

K12 Queen Maleficent1

TWICE was not the only one who partook in killing the love, we mean land, as others from K12 stood up; each performing to precision like they were in a choreographed dance number.

They definitely killed it.

As this was a tightly-fought contest, K15 also packed a punch, getting to land blows.

Add to that, there was also the occasional friendly fire.


However, this big banger turned from ‘ma boy’ into a bad boy when TWICE Mina went rogue after having a disagreement with Maleficent1 on assigning kingdom buffs to castles outside of their alliance, among other matters.

Bringing his super juniors and a new alliance with him, Mina went to King’s Landing to stage a coup d’etat during K12’s recent Castle Siege. He was however thwarted by the rest of the kingdom, who heeded the call of their Queen to quell the uprising.

Gee, girl, way to go!

The Raven Express also received word that the wonder boy is on his way to K14.

How many Kpop-related easter eggs can you find in this writeup? Tell us here.

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