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Teamwork makes the dream work, as the cliché goes. On K10 and K11 though, where factions have clearly drawn lines in the sand, this is worth an effort for either of them.

As touched upon in our War of the Kingdoms primer, both kingdoms have ongoing tension that is not bound to conclude anytime soon. And indeed, dissension reared its ugly head during the event.

Nevertheless, someone is bound to win. This K10’s Night Falcon’s account of the K10 vs K11 theater:

K10 ended up with all castles in both Kingdoms, and HTT (HouseOfTyrion) held both King’s Landing throughout.

K10 did exceptionally well… Infighting basically stopped and we all got moving in the same direction.

XGA (Xgame) was a much bigger threat than NOM (LetThemEastCake), and we’re hearing that K11 in general is starting to favor XGA more now that they’ve proven themselves more capable fighters.

K11 got off to a good start in the first hour, but it was all K10 after that. Some of the castles changed hands a few times, but K10 was able to keep control of everything pretty much throughout.

Some of the whales from XGA and NOM were able to score a lot of solo points hitting individual players, but they could never put the rallies together to take back the Great Cities. As you can see, they were too worried about themselves while we were busy winning.

Meanwhile, over at the K11 camp, conversation was how they were awed by the 400 million-powered Korillion, who proved to be the difference maker in the tussle.

How do you think should kingdoms like K10 and K11 resolve their internal issues? Sound off here.

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