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War of the Kingdoms should have a mercy rule in place for matchups like this as K8 roared out of the gates, caught K6 with its pants down, and never looked back.

Similar to what happened here, but this match was shortened due to outside forces rather than a lopsided scoreline.

However, it was the side story that proved to be more intriguing than the battles on the kingdom map. As confirmed by SerCalvin of K8, he received two separate offers coming from Burning (FoF) and the five-alliance coalition of StormOfSwords (SvS), BirdsOfWesteros (FLy), LastHopeRaid (LHR), TheGoldenCompany (TgC), and NightsWatchWarriors (NwW) to end hostilities as the war was practically decided in the first few hours of the contest.

“I sent an all-alliance mail to SvS to forge an alliance, but they felt that they could win the war on their own,” SerCalvin told us in his recollection of the protracted suffering K6 received from his kingdom. “FoF made a proposal. We gave a second message to SvS and they did not bite.”

“The leadership with deep pockets” being referred in the above exchange is surmised to be Loveemma, who with CptBrouOmen and LordWill, forced their way to SerCalvin’s walls after PhoeniX and K8 leadership have virtually shaken hands on the matter.

“K8 came with the intention of winning. We offered peace when the win was guaranteed. But SvS didn’t grab it, and then FoF sold the kingdom,” Calvin expounded further. “And then FoF lost both our trust and their kingdom in their arrogance by wasting [eight million] troops and their prime time on me, while the rest of K8 burned their kingdom. Their lack of integrity lost this match for them.”

THIS JUST IN: K6 diaspora in progress after embarrasing loss

Losing faith in the kingdom, a number of Lords and Ladies have proceeded to transfer kingdoms or are in the process of relocating. Those confirmed who have left are Dred, Payce (formerly Kergil), and Duc3y16, who are now with ArmyOfTyrion (AoT) on K10.

There are also rumors that Lords and Ladies that hailed from an archipelago in the far Southeast are just waiting for K33 to open for transnational relocation in order to join a castle owner who comes from the same land as theirs.

Meanwhile, PhoeniX and several personnel loyal to him have since made BlackOrder (Ord – formerly bUM) their home.

Would you like your kingdom to be matched up against either K6 or K8 in the next staging of the War of the Kingdoms? Tell us your thoughts.

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