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Are you having enough of castle affairs and duties? Looking to rest and retire from lordly tasks? Do you have a spare castle that you no longer visit?

At The Raven Express, we believe in recycling and preservation. Let us acquire your abandoned castle and support our cause in delivering the latest news, gossip, and banter in all realms.

If your castle (or castles) is in any of the following kingdoms, let us know: K4, K5, K7-K9, K11-K13, K15-K27, K29-K43, K45-K56.

You can leave your kingdom and account details here.

We also accept castles with transnational transfers in the inventory. We would not entertain accounts that are for sale.

Featured image courtesy of Pexels.

Published by JP Abcede

I am a licensed Insurance Adviser and Certified Investment Solicitor providing suitable financial solutions to my clients.

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