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K5 cannot keep hands to themselves, chokes in the end

A visual representation: K5 alliances at the endpoint of War of the Kingdoms. Also, go watch the movie from where this screenshot was taken.

From K5 correspondent Aquellia:

A little over the halfway point, ASH (Ang3licShad0w) turned up and swept most of the castles. They (K4) were ahead [by a significant margin] for maybe an hour. Then we pulled it (the gap) back and stayed neck and neck, with small gains until about three hours left, when they took [King’s Landing] again.

There were a couple [of K5] alliances more concerned with fighting each other towards the end than to keep going for the win.

I think a lot of people gave up at the end, the neck and neck fight became just K4 gaining more points towards the end. There was like [less than a ten-million-point] difference until the last hour, and we ended with that 100-million-point difference.

My alliance certainly didn’t give up, but we’re not exactly strong anymore. I think 17th isn’t bad; we’re 18th on K5, and the leaderboard is shared, so it’s like placing twice as high.

Yura En Grey of K4 shared this:

K5 was winning most of the time. They [had] at least top ten alliances invading K4, playing well as a team, [and] taking most of the points by taking K4 castles.

(On K4): Most of the small alliances were gathering [on] K5 – the one that gives the least points – and it’s too risky; why? You have to be aware all the time because gathering gives less points, but attacking gathering sites gives lots of points.

[The] big two alliances were holding less castles, but at the last and with so much effort, they won for very less. A united kingdom is required for this [to be pulled off].

K7 makes short work of K3

K19 wins in most ‘boring’ fashion

We got this brief analysis here:

It was lame. Our (K19) guy spent probably thousands on this game [and] just soloed all of K20’s top alliances in the first three hours. Then, they (K20) all bubbled up.

This caps our coverage of the first War of the Kingdoms. What are your thoughts? What would you like for us to talk about the next kingdom versus kingdom event? Leave your message here.

Image courtesy of Bloody Disgusting.

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  1. As a member of a top ten group in K4 I can give insight into how we won. Basically the to strongest alliances by far (ASH and HaH) decided to divy up the damage they would inflict. HaH defended our realm and held most of the castles, all but one in the end. ASH,, the sister alance to my own invaded K5 and took their capital and four or five other castles. Only Winterfell held out strong being defended by a very capable alliance from K5,, VNG I believe, much respect to them! SiN appears to be a GOT Ascent alumni group if their name is any indication.


  2. K4 employed a brilliant strategy between the two major alliances. HaH would defend our realm and ASH would invade K5. In the end both HaH and ASH controlled both capitals and most castles in both kingdoms. VNG were stubborn and held onto Winterfell in K5, much respect to them but K4 just had better strategy and our top two alliances are stronger than K5 top two.On a side note SIN appear to be comprised of old GOT Ascent players.


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