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If kingdoms are treated as the scientific definition of multiverses, it means that there are an infinite number of iterations on how a kingdom would turn out. This is the story of two of them.

The tribe has spoken

It is counterintuitive to not name the kingdom or the Ladies and Lords or alliances involved since we have photographic evidence of their transgressions. But that is how much our bird on K23 is fearful for getting the ‘royal treatment’.

“Basically, the top alliance on K23, the leader, and some of his council are just being bullies to the rest of the kingdom,” the Lord quivered. “Players are leaving the kingdom… due to how bad it is.”

Just how bad is it there? First, let us look at the supposed transgressions.

“[The] alliance [is] forcing players on the server to battle each other or they get punished with debuffs or their hive attacked if they decline,” he said.

And then there is this:

“That is the king telling a low-level [castle owner] to bend the knee and open wide when she stood up for herself,” our source mentioned. “He sent some of his boys round to hit her for two days straight. Her alliance leader told her to shut up and take it because they were getting a castle and [was afraid] of retribution.”

Our bird, who has since transferred to a more serene kingdom, also mentioned that the established power do not want new castles or alliances to move to K23. Nevertheless, we saw this ad at the Westeros bulletin board.

“The kingdom is emptying at an alarming rate due to the top alliance’s bully tactics,” the shaking Lord told The Raven Express.

We last heard from him that K23 has improved its numbers to 50 alliances. However, a majority of them are nothing but mere Potemkin villages as there are only 20 or so active clans remaining.

“Not all [in] their alliance is doing this, but even some of [those in the] alliance are scared to speak out about it due to any kind of retaliation from their own alliance,” our informant stated.

He added that dissension is rewarded by being kicked out of the alliance and getting farmed for days.

“He (the king) [cannot] understand [he is] hurting the whole kingdom for his own pleasure. He gets a kick out of seeing people squirm,” the anonymous Lord concluded.

K29 auctions off Great Cities

Previously, we have pertained to a kingdom whose leading alliance wanted to rent out the Big Castles. This is not that kingdom we were referring to.

Meanwhile, someone shared this to us, a message intercepted by someone outside. Is this a cry of help from someone within the hermit kingdom?

How has your kingdom tyrant treating you lately? Let us know.

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  1. This is an interesting article, jpabcede, but I fear this is heavily one sided. I’d recommend getting both sides of each story because your little bird in the screenshots of K23 left a lot out which would spin the story completely.


  2. I notice that these discord messages are dated back to April. A lot has changed since then. Bad news travels fast. How about talking about how helpful the TZU alliance has been in welcoming new people to the server. I understand some players may not like the king. The way I look at it is, you cannot please everyone. It is sad to read that people would rather spread the bad news then the good. We have a group of people who dedicate most of their days to this game. Almost entirely. We have a server wide discord. We think of communication as key to the whole game. If you cannot speak in discord that is understood. Many people just read the important news and leave comments. There is also a server wide buff request channel in the server. The comment that you are forced to go to fight someone else is not true. Please try to get to know the people here in a kind manner before judging.I enjoy your blog and will continue to read despite the constant attacks on TZU. Thank you.


    1. It is only now we got to publicize this due to more pressing matters. Information might be dated, we agree to a certain extent.

      We acknowledged the ad posted on Reddit, which is only a few weeks old. That screenshot showing K23 only having 38 alliances was taken in June, and we received an update as recent as a few weeks ago regarding the Potemkin alliances. We could have mentioned that the increase in alliances was due to someone proving a point and reporting it to the devs that there is a glitch, but that would entail us going out-of-game and out-of-lore. An empty alliance is still an empty alliance regardless.

      And yes, we would like to reach out to you. We have posted notices that we are looking for local kingdom correspondents and such. It appears that the individual above your comment has figured a way to reach out to us as they pertained to one of our personal accounts.


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