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Former Burning (FoF) Diplomat Advisor and current TheWinter (win formerly Ord/bUM) Duke PhoeniX reached out to The Raven Express a week before War of the Kingdoms occurred to clarify and put to light some issues regarding K6 and FoF.

Disclaimer: we are aware that some information has lost its timeliness, but we decided to publish this given the current information that we have.

Alliance bank castles found thriving in another kingdom

PhoeniX initially approached the publication to report that they found their missing banks. They then contacted Eclipse (ECL) of K9 to help them retrieve said castles that was claimed to have been brought there by someone who identify as Angel Scars, who was at that time the bank caretaker.

Meanwhile, several transcriptions shared to us and other individuals of interest showed why Lord Maria was unceremoniously kicked from FoF. Aside from reportedly being a ‘poison fruit’, they were also accused of harassing Angel Scars.

When approached for a comment, Pixels of ECL reiterated what they already told PhoeniX, “I honestly already made my response and I rather shut the case.”

“I asked him if him if he had [any plans and] intentions,” the ECL officer said. “[It] took [him] two weeks to answer. When he finally answered, he just requested me to kick and zero my own member who [has] been a good part of the team.”

As expected, FoF felt bad that that was the action the leading K9 alliance took on the matter.

K6 ‘tax’ and ‘training’ clarified

Concerning another development on K6 at that time, the supposed ‘tax’ that was asked from the citizens of the kingdom had nothing to do with losing the bank castles and that there was nothing collected of such nature in the first place.

“There was no tax,” PhoeniX clarified. “We asked for gold because it was [a] cheap way to check who is really on our side and wants us to rule.”

As for the abridged ‘training’ days before War of the Kingdoms, the win Duke elaborated, “We want [the] kingdom to learn how to protect itself. We brought them a lot of peace time, so we have [Lords and Ladies] raised without battle experience.”

The goal of the leading alliance at that time was to expose castles that have a lot of unprotected resources, dramatically low hospital capacity, as well as armies and lords out in the open. After the military exercise, they were to release a guide on how everyone in the kingdom should defend themselves.

Grothaus declared persona non grata by FoF

Finally, Grothaus, a former leading member of FoF, is being hunted by their former alliance for treason. He was last seen carrying the StormOfSwords (SvS) banner.

From now [on], [Grothaus] is [an] enemy of [K6 and FoF].

[Any] alliance that will take it on board will expose itself to all range of attacks until total destruction. Not just simple zero, it will be consistently destroyed. Members which will take the decision to have him on board will be marked and zeroed, sooner or later, in this kingdom.

He will not be able to change his name without been tracked. He will be tracked in any kingdom.

It is his second betrayal, and I am VERY sorry that in [the] name of goodwill I let him to go without [being] zeroed. It is my mistake, I like to see [the] best in people, so we both will pay for our mistakes.


This was a severe case of kingdom jumping and grand larceny that has been unheard of until now. Which side do you think is on the right? How would you have handled a similar situation in your case? Sound off your thoughts below or by sending us a raven message.

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