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With alliances getting the hang of Alliance Mobilization (and some of them getting promoted to the next table). some were more than happy to provide The Raven Express their results in the event.

DaciaLegion (DcL) of K2 edged OblivionDynasty (OBV) of K8 for the top spot in their table. It was neck-and-neck for the entire duration of the event with OBV holding the lead heading into the last day before DcL had a final kick into the homestretch for the win.

“By a nose” indeed.

It’s not the Oblivion’s family time to be on the top as K14’s RedDevil (ReD) ran away with the victory in this group. GreatKoreanEmpire (GKE formerly AoK) of K23 finished third with WingsOfTyrion (WoT) of K10 ending fourth.

In one of the closest races in this month’s Alliance Mobilization, K44’s Darkwings (DAR) almost lost first place as they fell behind going into the final hour. All Lords and Ladies on deck did their hardest to score quick points with transports going back and forth in DAR’s hive to deliver the necessary resources to complete tasks.

They then celebrated in their alliance hall with songs of victory.

One of their victory songs.

Meanwhile, Dracarys (RYS) of K21 kept in step of HappyHookers (HaH) of K4 to conclude as the runner up in their category. The smaller alliance even broke the bank just for them to get more scoring opportunities. What is impressive is the perfect 8/8 of RYS’ top contributors.

Meanwhile, NorthUnion (NrU) of K24 was fourth and WildLinGs (ELE) of K33 was seventh.

In one of the most lopsided wins in this staging, no one came close to K17’s DothrakiKhalasar (DHK) with an insurmountable 37,000-point difference over the next best side. RedArmyOfTyrion (RaT), which represented K10, was third.

Furthermore, SeeKnDestroy (SKD) of K25 ran aground the rest of the competition with the nearest alliance more than 21,000 points behind.

THIS JUST IN: We reportedly received word that SKD claimed all but one Great City in the last Castle Siege.

Finally, Monsters (Oof) of K11 had almost a 20,000-point lead over the second place clan.

What was your and your alliance’s experience in the recent Alliance Mobilization event? We would like to hear from you. Send us a raven message.

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