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We went on an unplanned vacation during the weekend and we returned to… well, the usual drama and scheming around Westeros but amped up to 11. Good thing we have this in place (aside from the Express Raven section) where we can catch up with everything that has been happening around the realm.

Let us get started, shall we?

I’m thinking about quitting GOT:WIC. I am currently in K12, but i wont get you my account name just yet. I’m just wondering if I were to give you the account, how would you utilise it?


All right, full disclosure time.

The only reason we are collecting inactive/abandoned accounts is so that the publication can access kingdoms and get to view game features that can only be accessed by logging on there (ie, world chat, kingdom power rankings). Sure, I can create 60 different dummies outside of my active playing accounts and have them noob transferred across the world map, but they would just be added ‘wastage’ so to speak.

That said, the last thing we would do is actually play and ‘roleplay’ as you. We already have our hands full running four functional accounts in as many kingdoms; we cannot handle more. In addition, we rename all acquired accounts “K<kingdom number> GOT Raven”, which basically outs us and separates any association of that castle from the previous owner.

We (or you) can even open all resource packs and have a ‘closing sale’ so that the account in question can no longer be functional. Besides, the castle would be unbubbled and left unchecked at times, so if anyone finds it in the wild, they can be like Hansel and Gretel getting themselves fat but no evil witch caging them to eat them later.

The only time we would stop this practice is when we have a 1:1 account-to-kingdom ratio or if the developers would be kind enough to provide us additional features that would improve quality of life for our benefit. Or if we have enough birds and correspondents that could give us updates for every kingdom, to which we segue to another cheap plug because War of the Kingdoms is coming up and we need eyes more than ever since more kingdoms are participating this time around.

Alliance Mob: ECL and FoF were in the same bracket with ECL leading the majority of the alliance mob until two or three days when the lead flip-flopped between ECL and FoF a few different times before FoF pulled away in the last day.


Considering the recent history the two alliances have had with each other, this is a match made in heaven. For maximum drama in the next War of the Kingdoms, can we have K6 and K9 paired against each other, pretty, pretty, please?!

This may sound something like a rigged 1985 NBA lottery draft conspiracy, but this is the most organic cross-kingdom rivalry/animosity the game has produced. The only way for this to culminate is to have them figure in the WrestleMania (or if you are that edgy hipster wrestling fan, then Wrestle Kingdom) of GOTWIC in a no-holds-barred match for all the marbles.

Goddamm, I sounded like peak Jim Ross in that last sentence. Can no longer wait for weekly AEW episodes to start.

If you are interested in 1KS performance on AM. 🙂

Malaanar K5

Yes, we are. And we would be covering Alliance Mobilization more regularly in the next iteration of the event.

Speaking of K1, we smoothly segue to…

if you arent watching …. you should check out the anarchy happening on K1……….


Another full disclosure: I caught up on my Netflix MCU to-watch queue during the uncalled time off. So, personally, I was not.

Nothing much to say here because the next raven message has a lot more to offer.

There are voices saying around that K14 has become an ultimate asylum of giants. BDD (Balerion’s Dread), that came to life from a fusion of ONE and DHE in Kingdom 2, has moved to K14 and the strongest players joined NOM to create a coalition of two strong alliances (7B and 2,2B power now). This morning we noticed Melt Godiva, Cerealno and Hunter leading the expedition of 1KS straight to King’s Landing of K14. If it is so, K14 will become the strongest Kingdom around, having three alliances over 7B power.


K5, K8, and K22 might have been the go-to for sanctuary seekers, but K14 right now is something else. That said, we are officially taking bets on how many days before this kingdom ends up in nuclear winter. You can place your wager here.

As 1KS invaded K14, they were met with our fierce Billypposition. Currently, dozens of Billies are filling the WC in united defense of newborn B14. Even I am getting infected. Save us!


Full disclosure time once more: our Discord DMs have been ringing with K14, 1KS (100Kings), and BDD updates. That said, this edition of Tales from the Rookery has provided more than enough to satiate the hungry masses.

Also, who is Billy? We recently saw “Deadpool 2”. Is ‘Billy’ Ryan Reynolds by any chance? As long as you are not doxing anyone, we are all cool. If not, and we discover the owner of that face is a player in the game, The Raven Express will personally report every account on that screenshot for harassment and impersonation.

BDD moved from K2 to K14 and merged with NOM. 1KS has moved to K14 and set up shop opposite KL and started to attack ReD, this siege is going to be fun to watch.


Definitely, yes.

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  1. K14 the new and improved K2 of old. Definitely adds some extra spice to K14 that will hopefully reverberate out the other servers, been getting kinda bored lately.


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