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Nothing lasts forever in Westeros it seems, as several kingdoms with long-standing (or budding) established powers underwent an overhaul.

LTS takes over K1

After a long wait, LANNISTERS (LTS) has finally taken over the reins on K1.

The catalyst, it appears, occurred after MickeyM left 100Kings (1KS) to supposedly ‘balance’ the kingdom. After a series of events that had the former incumbent alliance transferring to K14 (more below), LTS took the opportunity to take King’s Landing for themselves virtually unopposed.

1KS leaves K1 for K14

Just like that, K14 jumped in Battle Rating after K1 and K2 superpowers 1KS and BalerionsDread (BDD) decided to make the mid-teens kingdom their new home.

After settling in, the two alliances diverged paths as the former K1 overlords decided to assert their dominance early on by taking King’s Landing over former owner RedDevil (ReD). Meanwhile, BDD entered to a working partnership with NORDMANN (NOM).

We are also hearing whispers that another K2 alliance is on their way to K14.

TrW in turmoil, K18 in transition

Former K18 King EscobarPablo stepped down, left TheRedWedding (TrW), and formed TheCartel (CtL). Yaerara has since taken over TrW.

As of posting time, ThronesElite (ThE) has control of King’s Landing.

SKD secedes K25 reign

For the brief period that they had the throne and all of the Great Cities, SeeKnDestroy (SKD) instituted sweeping changes that had the rest of K25 riled up. In a concerted effort composed of three alliances, SKD was unseated and denied of any big castle in the last siege event.

How is your kingdom faring as of late? Is the old guard still reigning or has a new established power formed? Tell us in the comments below or by sending us a raven message.

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