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We clear out our mailbox as we expect to be occupied with War of the Kingdoms for the remainder of the week.

K14, as we expected, just saw the best battle that probably ever happened in this game. After NOM, RED and 1KS being placed in one world, we expected great things and we got them! But since the beginning… The Castle Siege started slowly, with 1KS occupying KL and other castles being in hands of NOM, RED, BDD, mtD and NoE. The last two finally ended with 1 castle each, BDD backed off after losing Storm’s End to their opponents. NOM took Riverrun but at a great cost. Team led by Vladspiros faced surprised obstacle formed by top RED players. The blood has spilled all over the Riverrun and although NOM still had the power, they decided to safely return to Winterfell and bubble. When all the castles were already secured, only King’s Landing remained on the table, being taken by 1KS or RED every half an hour or so. Then the mass slaughter happened… players of both alliances stood just by each other sending millions and millions of troops for death with no single moment of hesitation. 14 Billion of power clashed against each other, led by NoShe Godiva + Hunter on one side and Lannister3, Kona, TWICE Mina and The Fireball on the other. Not being precise I will tell that 1KS lost around 300M power while RED over 400M. More numbers? I’m writing this after 6,5 hours of this mass nuclear war. Godiva has started the day with 95M kills and 11M merit, ending with 107M and 17,4M respectively. He also got his power lowered by around 60M. NUTS! When Godiva wrote on world chat “Surrender, your commander was captured” (he meant Lannister3, indeed captured), we thought it’s over with only 10 minutes left on the clock. But the RED splitted, forming quickly a new alliance “eew” and performing 2 attacks on 1KS’s King’s Landing within few seconds. First one failed, but second was successfull and RED took over the throne, for like 7th or 8th time this day. The fights between individuals nearly stopped and the world has become full of arrows transferring the resourced all around to ressurrect the dead troops. King’s Landing changed it’s owner few times more and finally, NoShe Godiva formed the army that RED could not beat. After nearly 7 hours, 1KS ends K14 historical siege with King’s Landing as their home.

Anonymous K14 citizen

For a list of the best battles, I direct you to K2 (read Adrian Almorales’ comment in this post). Nevertheless, I do not disagree that this K14 Castle Siege ranks up there. The fact that this got featured on the game’s Facebook page should mean something.

Are you interested in a mid level castle on K11? Currently a member of NOM. I’m about done with the game, but would hate to entirely waste the time/money I put into it.


I have an alt I never use on k29. I never see anything about the kingdom here and figured you’d like to see how messed up things are, especially since we were last called the hermit kingdom, an entirely accurate name. I just want to see more on what others think of our ridiculous politics, as there is more fighting in the world chat than between castles.

Lady Evie

Yes, please. You can leave your details here.

Thought you might want to know that most of the information Warsheep has been giving you about K17 has been either falsified or heavily twisted in DHR’s favor. Most of K17 does not like DHR and Warsheep to put it lightly. If you need further proof look up tenor k17 or dhr. This video might also help:


Spoiler alert on the link: Godwin’s Law is strong on that one.

Are Tenor K17 and DHR Discord servers we have to check out? An invite to those would be appreciated.

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  1. Noone noticed NOM tried to break deal with NoE about NoE holding Sunspear and took it from us, resulting in us attacking them together with ReD instead of just being bystanders on this day? :P. That costed BDD, their sister, Storm’s End and thanks also to ReD, we ended up with SS anyway. Fun times were had!


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