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The ‘early start’ of this month’s War of the Kingdoms flustered Lords and Ladies everywhere. But as they say, the show must go on. Here are updates of select matchups as we reach the halfway mark of the event.

K14 surges ahead against K1

It is never too soon for a revenge game. K1, trying to prove that there is life after 100Kings (1KS), is doing its best to keep in step with K14.

MickeyM of DaciaLegion (DcL) and LANNISTERS (LTS) lead the rankings, a ray of light for Westeros’ first kingdom.

K18 trails K4

Despite being behind, K18 has managed to deliver the pain on K4.

K6 with a clean sweep of all big castles

K10 Great City status

K6 is in another level compared to its performance last month as an early setback did not deter the kingdom this time around, gradually chipping on the lead of K10 by claiming all Great Castles.

K19 in the lead over K9

As per our source, King’s Landing has been a hot destination for both kingdoms. As per our K19 insider:

It’s basically a few big fights around both [King’s Landing castles]. We’re dodging the [K9] mega whales.

K9 kingdom map from K19’s perspective

Our lead is steady and our small guys are power farming resources to maintain the lead despite the massive point advantage holding [castles] is giving K9.

K19 kingdom map

K33 jumps to early lead and has never looked back

K33 jumped the gun on K25 and has held on the advantage from the start of War of the Kingdoms.

“[It] has been intense,” according to our K33 correspondent. “Every major alliance on the King’s side took a heavy beating. Things are more even now.”

K11 in sync

“We are majorly overpowering them (K12) with [a fourth] of our [kingdom in action],” said our bird. “Just a few oopsies, but we are working pretty well together.”

K7 bitchslapping K2

As per our correspondent Polarix:

bLT (BloodThirst) slapping DcL in castles. KIBA (is) sleeping.

K23 barely registers as K22 romps forward

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