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We missed several matchups from the last update. Here is another batch of recaps from other pairings.

Surprise kickoff not a problem for K24

One kingdom not affected by the abrupt start of War of the Kingdoms is, as they managed to control the board after stumbling off the gates.

“We got screwed over since we got jumped by [K27],” Twista of K24 said. “Many people took a lot of losses, which should have been avoided if they held their schedule. Our planned purge didn’t happen because of the early launch, which gave them (K27) a big head start.”

K24 was able to contain K27’s power players, dissuading the latter from advancing their position towards King’s Landing.

“K27 gave up sieges, focusing on gathering [at the moment], so got hunting squads out to knock them off,” Twista shared.

K16 annihilating K21

As per Reaper Iru of K16, Darkness12 is the only one left carrying the flag for K21 while K16 has firm grasp of all castles in contention.

K17 takes a knee, concedes to K15

As per K17 correspondent WarSheep, a group of renegade alliances sold out the kingdom, sat bubbled, and gave positions to the enemy. Due to the unannounced schedule change of War of the Kingdoms, they were not able to prepare in earnest and kick suspected spies.

Aside from internal issues, they also admitted that K15 is much stronger than they are and are already expecting to chalk up a loss in this matchup.

This development confirms the raven mail we received last time.

K8 claws back to the top after trailing big

K5 had double the points than K8 in the first [five] hours because they took K8 by surprise. Lots of K8 people were zeroed.

Leila Reyne, K8

We missed the matchup of your kingdom? Send us a raven message and we will feature it in our event recap.

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