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Another day, another War of the Kingdoms event has passed.

Like everyone, from kingdom tacticians to individual Lords and Ladies, we at The Raven Express also learn and adjust. As Westeros rest and recover from the last tumultuous 24 or so hours, we are here working round the clock to deliver event recaps as soon as possible.

First off, we open our mailbag to a deluge of War of the Kingdoms-related messages and then some.

I have some amazing screenshots of the dicator like behavior of the King in K23 that u may use in the blog 😀


According to the comments here and the message we responded to here, they have changed their ways on K23. So, which is it?

Anyway, we are glad to receive photographic evidence of any sort to either help clear things out or shed light on issues.

SKD gave up the castles 🙂


We are glad to get this piece of information and have our articles clarified.

Greetings! I am [IHA] Patch Stark – Duke of IHA in K17. I’m sure you’ve no doubt been made aware of the interesting turn KvK has taken between K17 and K15. Thought I would give you all some context as to why things played out the way they did. For those who aren’t aware, K17 essentially handed the win to K15 early on after most alliances deciding to not support the DHR & DHK alliances (the ones currently top ranked and in charge of King’s Landing). It’s a long story but I’ll try cover everything whilst being brief. DHR and DHK are sister alliances, with a guy called WarSheep at the helm acting as King. Ever since the last KvK, WarSheep has essentially ruined the server for every other alliance. Attempting to put “rules” in place and then letting DHR members break those same rules without consequence. Declaring “War” on other alliances when they speak out against his actions or call him on his bullshit. He’s sent in articles right here on this site which have all been altered to big up DHR. For example, the “Kamarasov” article left out all the parts where he attempted to leak personal information about other alliances members online (Which is a criminal offence in pretty much every country). WarSheep’s response? Said he’d “ban him from World Chat”. Lol right? I took charge of IHA a few months ago very early on into my time playing this game. IHA was barely past 10 million in the power rankings, full of new starters etc. WarSheep was one of the first people to publicly criticise us, making jokes that we wouldn’t last long and would never get anywhere near the Top 20 ranking. I’m proud to say we proved him wrong. And our reward for that? Daily raids 2, 3 times a day, constant tile hitting (which he made a rule about it not being allowed), regular abuse in world chat, being banned from the K17 Discord server, pointless nonsense. I’ve made SEVERAL attempts to reach out to WarSheep and try fix this whole situation. Everytime he’s essentially told me to fuck off. Then came his biggest mistake. On several occasions, he made comments in World Chat that “DHR & DHK can win the next KvK on our own, we don’t need any of you other alliances”. What he didn’t realise at that time was that he was essentially sealing our fate for KvK right there and then. Fast forward to the day before KvK. He’s declard war on ELT [2nd biggest alliance] because they disputed him setting rules and then breaking them, He’s declared war on me and IHA because we made popular “properganda” against him [That video you posted? The Hitler meme about DHR? That was me!], And he’s just about driven the whole server into rebellion. KvK begins, and he suddenly expects FULL co-operation from K17. What happens? We rebel. K15 are our opponents, and ironically, some of their alliances were part of K17 until recently, and we throw DHR & DHK under the bus. K15 offers to knock them down a peg or two for us because they SEVERELY outnumber us, and we graciously accept. It lost us KvK, but it made sure that Karma hit WarSheep like a fucking train. Didn’t take long for him to lose all his troops and then complain in World Chat that the K15 players were “bots” cos they kept finding him when he teleported away. He couldn’t handle being the victim. And boy, did we enjoy watching it. A HUGE thank you to all members of K15 – You helped us bring Karma to a very angry little man! And to WarSheep? We tried to be reasonable, we tried to make amends, but you asked for this.

Patch Stark

Things to be gleaned from this:

  • Someone commented here that Karamazov doxed people. So, that was covered.
  • Whenever someone declares that they “can win War of the Kingdoms by themselves” usually ends up with egg on their faces. So far, I have on record three separate individuals who said that and they are 0-for-3 in the biggest event of Westeros.
  • Good to know that that clip from “Der Untergang” lives on. Those who has not watched the movie, go see it. You would not see the meme the same way again.

Hi Raven, A few days ago I switched kingdoms from K2 (DT1 – sister of BDD) into the much calmer (and hollower) kingdom of k38. The top alliances are very friendly to each other, so KvK against k34 is heavily unbalanced, currently k38 owns every k34 castles plus k34 alliances are unable to protect any gathering sites as well. (score: 1213M vs 885M) (I can send some pictures as well) Best regards.

Hyle Hunt

We always appreciate receiving images.

(I’d send screenshots, but I don’t know how) [ECL]Kynaston (K9) a 824power player, is being heavily pursued by (K19). Has been surrounded several times where all kinds of players has sent whatever troops they could (including only one troop marches etc), trying to keep Kyna occupied. As previously stated, Kyna would be one of the “big whales” from K9…


You can do what everybody else does: post links along with your message and we will take care of the rest. Or you can reach us via Discord. Leave your details (and image links) here.

One of the visual details for K2 vs K7. You can add if you want. WaAarbunny tough and very powerful player. 🙂

Kingdom Seven

A L P H A, take notice.

Also, mega-whales cannot catch a break in this War of the Kingdoms. They sure have a target on their respective backs.

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  1. As far as I can see there’s almost nothing wrong with Kingdom 23 who ever submitted that probably lost all their troops due to a mixture of the invading Kingdom coming over to attack and the game dev’s bringing the KvK forward 8 hours, the king on K23 is a nice and genuine person and anyone that has spoken to him would know that he’s a chill dude, yes he has a Beatles Rock Band kind of British accent but other than that he seems pretty normal, there’s nothing wrong I’d say with K23 in general it’s just there was never enough players sent to the Kingdom in the first place, I’ve been playing on K23 since May 7th 2019 and it’s a very peaceful Kingdom there was no way we were gonna stand a chance in the KvK and it’s only normal that some people are annoyed either way because they lost their troops so did the King, some of the smaller players in the Kingdom that are alts for their main accounts in other Kingdoms like to spread rumours and troll people such as pinning alliances against each other, but other than that K23 is a great place I like it because I can actually farm level 5 resource nodes without worrying about anyone trying to attack them it’s really good if you want more PvE than PvP to help you progress a lot quicker without any threats.


      1. [TZU] is the alliance I’m in my in-game name is Boris J Snow, I have been the Protocol Officer on K23 for quite some time until the recent KvK, I should be back on duty in the next siege if there’s any other things you want to know about me or K23 feel free to ask and I will try to reply the best I can I have Discord if you want to talk.


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