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Monstrous K14 too tough for K1

In the previous War of the Kingdoms, it was K1 doing the beating. This time, however, they were on the receiving end as Westeros’ first kingdom encountered a hydra in K14.

MickeyM of DaciaLegion (DcL) and K1 OG alliance LANNISTERS (LTS) did their best to hold off a relentless horde composed of 100Kings (1KS), RedDevil (ReD), NORDMANN (NOM), and others more, but their effort was not enough to give them the victory.

Meanwhile, the highlight of the match appears to be when Cerealno of 1KS managed to capture LTS’ Nikos’ lord.

THIS JUST IN: DcL has finalized their transfer to K14.

K7 makes short work of K2 (and yes, we used the same section header from before)

K7 has proven itself to be an early kingdom killer, scalping K2 in this month’s matchup.

“TiG (Tigeryens) did great in the end,” Polarix of BloodThirst (bLT) recalled, “They took K2 [King’s Landing] when bLT did not have the numbers.”

The former K1 alliance exemplified teamwork when they let bLT retake the K2 castle to overtake DcL in the time standings there.

“To be fair, Dacia was sleeping,” our K7 correspondent said. “It was actually Byzantine who took [King’s Landing] from a weak guy. Then KIBA took over.”

“Dacia did better in the end but still got slapped,” Polarix added as he recounted the instances when DcL tried their hardest to put their stamp at either of the two King’s Landings.

bLT tops at both King’s Landing castles

“We had some good fights with Dacia,” he said. “They could never reset [King’s Landing on K7], [and] they lost about [six to seven] consecutive rallies there at the start and never came back.”

“Burgle, their (DcL’s) rally leader started with [a level] 59 lord and [a] purple Glorious Set,” Polarix continued. “As soon as he got [a level] 60 lord, he upgraded Glorious to gold and their rallies got a lot rougher.”

THIS JUST IN: It appears that TiG cannot decide whether to adhere to the NAP they agreed with bLT or not as it was imparted to The Raven Express that members of that alliance received conflicting messages from their leadership.

K13 victorious yet again

What are your thoughts on these matchups? Can the winning kingdoms maintain their good fortune? Sound off by sending us a raven message.

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