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With the constant movement of Lords and Ladies, as well as entire alliances, to different kingdoms, it cannot be prevented that some matchups featured familiar faces in opposite camps.

K2 buddies meet anew during K5 vs K8 match

Amidst all the chaos going on during Westeros’ monthly spectacle, former mates on K2 met in the battlefield despite having gone their separate ways.

Awww, how sweet.

As for the War of the Kingdoms pairing itself, we last left off with K8 recently taking the lead from K5. In the end, we have K8 turning things around and romping away with yet another victory.

Former K5 Lady now carrying banner for K8

Someone who is familiar with kingdom jumping is Aquillea, who was on K5 for about a month before heading to K8 just before this month’s War of the Kingdoms.

“I was trying to help K5 right up until we got matched,” said Aquellia, formerly from K5 now with K8. “Once we were matched though, I politely told them good luck and requested for them to remove my roles on the [K5 Common Kingdom Hall].”

She cited several factors for moving, which includes receiving an aggressive recruitment pitch from SerCalvin of K8 as well as the faltering stability on K5.

“K5 is by far one of the strongest [kingdoms], and it was seen during [War of the Kingdoms] as well,” Aquellia extrapolated. “Their best feature was the ‘balance’ of [the] top alliances, [which were] similar in power and strength.”

She furthered, “Unfortunately, I feel as though some of those alliances are now working towards their own ends more than maintaing the [kingdom]. During the attempts to prepare for War of the Kingdoms], a couple of alliances instead drew lines of power. Alliances wanting to help were excluded from the ceasefire, and historical rivalries were favored over a couple of weeks of peace.”

Aquillea commended R4VEN (R4V) for making an effort to keeping harmony in the kingdom despite being a newcomer on K5. She also mentioned of a budding coalition whose philosophy does not jive with her’s.

“(The coalition) in itself is not a bad thing, but it would include some alliances whose ideals and desired direction [on] the [kingdom] would oppose my own,” she went on. “…A rapid shift in server direction, the refusal of some allainces to maintain a temporary peace, and numerous offers to move to K8, we went for it (going to K8).”

Despite landing on her second kingdom after departing K18, Aquillea admits that transferring locations in the realm is not easy.

“I do want to emphasis that moving [kingdoms] is always a strain, always causes losses, and is not something to take lightly,” she elaborated. “I put off this move for a long time in favour of maintaining my current members. We has some great players leave us to stay on K5.”

Alliance caught in the middle in K9 vs K19 tussle

A lot of details on this matchup has been shared to us; and more has been provided to us. For that, we thank everyone who contributed every morsel of information to make our coverage complete.

King of Wakanda battling the Queen of Dragons. Best crossover ever.

One thing that caught our attention is that the alliance AngelsOfIce (AGL) found themselves reluctantly playing for both teams as those looking to evacuate K9 for K19 found themselves locked in due to circumstances, whether it is because the event started prematurely or they just do not have ample Transnational Relocation items on hand.

Regardless of the case on why members of her alliance was stopped at the border gates, we reached out to AGL Duchess Cubishnia regarding this matter.

The gameplan was to have the members who were on K19 to fight for K19 and help the kingdom win. The members who were stuck on K9 mid-transfer were to get as many solo points as they could and remain bubbled to protect themselves from attack.

The strategy was pretty simple for our alliance: we mainly played hit and run to gain as may points as we could. I was on K19, so I was playing hit and run to get as many points off the K9 players as I could.

The rare times the “Leroy Jenkins attack method” was effective.

In the Far Western sport of Ullamaliztli, or Ulama for short, there is a thing called the “revenge game“. It is the match that features combatants who used to be part of one squad who now plays with the other camp. And depends on how (not) amicable the separation was, that would determine the intensity of this particular rivalry game.

Of course, in the original rules of Ullamaliztli, the losers uh… lose their head, so there is not much of a revenge that would happen there. But here in Westeros, we are not as brutal to our Lords and Ladies (although not the same could be said of their troops who took part in actual combat).

With that little history and sportswriting lesson out of the way, we asked Cubishnia if she sees this month’s War of the Kingdoms as a revenge clash, to which she responds to the affirmative.

“After all the actions against my alliance since the last [War of the Kingdoms], I would have to say yes,” the AGL leader said. “Most of the alliances on K9 are good and try to work together, and I did my best not to hit those I liked. I targeted the alliance that caused us the most grief and really took it to them. ECL (Eclipse) caused us the most grief and tried to destroy us so it was a pleasure to get some retaliation.”

She clarified though that, in her eyes, not all of ECL are bad apples, “I did not try to hit Kynaston as she was always nice to us and tries hard to make K9 a nice place to live. It is the members in her alliance who needed the smack down, and we were all willing to do it after weeks of endless farming by them.”

Not pictured: a horde rushing a store on Black Friday back when Cyber Monday was not a thing.

Backbeat, the word on the street regarding the K9 vs K19 match

We took both our and their [King’s Landing].

While Kyna was attacking every enemy node [at King’s Landing], they put like 8 alts or low-level cities around her to send 1-troop attacks, but it was ineffective. Just stopped us from taking pictures of some good hits.

Pixels, ECL, K9

It ended up being a landslide victory because everyone came together, big and small. We had so many people farming from tiny alliances that couldn’t fight in any real capacity, and even though Kynaston is firmly in first in the entire game in score, we just overcame her and her [300-million BR] allies with numbers and coordination.

At the end of it, Kynaston is still relatively untouched, down only 60 million power. But she’s standing alone; K19 was just too organized… ECL and their sister just didn’t have the rest of the kingdom behind them.

It really was just 2 mega alliances versus the rest of us on K19. A lot of us tried to stand our ground against Kynaston and failed, but it was damn close on some of the battles as you can see. Constant game of cat and mouse and flipping castles back.

At one point, the K9 whales and Kynaston sat in the middle of [Casterly Rock, Riverrun, The Eyrie, and King’s Landing] and rallied on all the castles at once, but it left [King’s Landing] on both [kingdoms] with only [Level III troops] and we just kicked them out, rinse and repeat. We only took them on if it was just Kynaston alone or just 1 whale. We ran if they came in groups and just scored points elsewhere.

She was very graceful in defeat. If anything, some of the K19 players were a bit [of trolls], spamming her with 1-troop attacks.

[Doakness] was offline for the first half and most of the [300-million and over BR] guys thought they’d be safe. Then Doak got on and VMO (VALARMORGHULIS) destroyed them all.

We started in the hole big time, their whales were online, and Kynaston was active after about 30 minutes… Our [Common Kingdom Hall] was empty of VMO leaders. It was me literally spamming everyone to bubble up and get ready to farm in the enemy [kingdom] until we get coordinated for [big] castles.

Once the timer started, whales landed immediately in every top alliance here and started burning. Thank god Doak was bubbled. A lot of big VMO players died unbubbled at the start. They (VMO) recovered enough and pulled through big in the second half to close it out.

We just don’t have massive whales around and no one knows what they’re (K9’s whales) capable of really. Doak is the only one [whale on K19] and he is super chill, the anti-bully.

K19 Lord

THIS JUST IN: we got word that ECL is looking to transfer kingdoms and has singled out two to go to, one of which is K19.

K22 transferee from K23 gives take on outcome

On the lopsided score differential: I think K23 gave up trying to catch up in points. I don’t think they understood points from [Great Castles] matter. They haven’t tried to take a single one back.

On whether K23 actually put up a fight: A couple of them did try. To be fair, [ICEMAN] did actually go to K22 and [tried to] fight. But because he convinced everyone it was better to have all top players in TZU (ARTofWAR), they got hit hard at the start by GKE (GreatKoreanEmpire), VCH (VayasCrazyHounds), WAK (TheNightWankers), [and] a few [other] alliances, so they don’t have much left to fight with. This is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket.

On whether he sees it as a ‘revenge game’: Not about revenge, really. It’s a game [that is] supposed to be fun. Kind of sad it happened this way to K23. So many tried to warn them the path they were going down was a bad one for the kingdom: taking the enjoyment out for the whole kingdom. They (TZU) couldn’t understand this was gonna happen.

On the balance of power on K23: Having one big alliance is a bad thing to have. Look at when K14 fought K9 in [the] last [War of the Kingdoms]. As much as the top 4 are not well liked by a few on K14, the power from them was spread out among 400 players in 4 alliances so it worked better than just all in one.

On K23’s population: Population on K23 didn’t help either. At the start was about 7-8 alliances around the same power level… (The) TZU alliance was formed and they sucked in all the big ones from those 7-8 alliances. Those alliances ended up disbanding, merging, leaving, (or) quitting, and then there was next to nothing left except TZU and a few [400-500-million BR] alliances. And with the leader of TZU’s attitude at times, well, it’s not a good mix really.

On the War of the Kingdom’s early start: Don’t think a lot of people will be happy [the event] started early. Will be lots of dead troops that wouldn’t be if it had started on time.

How K22 adjusted at the beginning: The alliances on K22 had all the [coordinates] of their (K23) hives in 10 minutes after the timer changed, and were notifying all the members they could. They got ready pretty quick for it. So once the timer went down, all the hives on K23 were ablaze.

former Lord from K23 now on K22

THIS JUST IN: TZU closed the Common Kingdom Hall to everyone, while a new one was opened for the rest of the kingdom to coordinate in what could be a start of a civil war. In addition, a K16 alliance was confirmed to have transferred to K23 after War of the Kingdoms ended.

Were there other instances where you fought against your former kingdom? Tell us all about it.

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