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An unannounced schedule change threw a wrench in most kingdoms’ strategies in this month’s War of the Kingdoms. How they reacted to this more or less determined how the rest of the match went.

In our previous recap, some contests featured there were determined via comeback wins (K5 vs K8, K9 vs K19). Here are some other matchups that concluded the same way.

K18 finally achieves come-from-behind victory

K18 is this edition’s rags-to-riches story fit for a reality-based talent show. With uncertainty raining down on the kingdom after its king stepped down, it was hard to see the populace be in the proper mindset and pull off something big in such a short span of time. But they did, and we are happy to be proven wrong.

EscobarPablo leading TheCartel (CtL). A little bit “on the nose”, if you get my “drift”. Please do not go Andrés Escobar on us.

A beneficiary of the K2 diaspora, this late-teens kingdom picked up their feet just in time for the War of the Kingdoms and managed to do something they almost did the first time around: win despite trailing early on.

A Lord from K18 recalled, “We got rushed hard (at the start). I lost 70,000 troops. I heard someone lost 850,000.”

Silverfang of K4’s Ang3licShad0wHunters (ASH) said, “Close fight but boring. We had no Great City fights, just hunters and free-for-all on gatering sites.”

K6 prevents repeat of early game collapse

Never again.

Whether this pertains to K6 no longer losing in the same manner, or whether the main alliances have patched their differences, is open to interpretation. But the general consensus is that life in that kingdom is much better, albeit still far from perfect.

“K6 worked together as a team,” BraccioPuzza of StormOfSwords (SvS) said.

“We were coordinated. We had a plan. And we took all the great castles,” echoed Feleran of Burning (FoF). “Our two strongest players were sitting on each [King’s Landing] and that turned out to be a better strategy than teleporting around and picking on others.”

Feleran continued, “First six or so hours they (K10) had the lead, but they ran out of people to kill and then our castles’ steady flow of points earned us a big lead and a win in the end. Feels good winning after being behind for so long.”

“FoF had their own plan, told it to us, and we worked around it,” Vejetalyen of theGoldenCompany (TgC) divulged. “We had it quite organized. Kit Snow brought us all together.”

On whether the kingdom learned from the beating they got from K8, Vejetalyen mentioned, “We had analyzed K8 very well. If K8 would have been our opponent, they would have gone down as well.”

Finally, when asked on how much K6 changed since the last War of the Kingdoms, Veje said, “They (FoF) are more cooperative. They realized they need the coalition. The bad elements from FLy (BirdsOfWesteros) are gone and that is good. J0n Snow [ed: he is now on K25] also left and that is good, too.”

Providing K10’s perspective is Night Falcon of HouseOfTyrion (HTT), who recounted, “I think it was a lot of things – the timer certainly hurt us, but that was far from the only reason we lost. I think kingdom strength from top to bottom is an issue, and something I am trying to correct. They had more whales than we did, but the issue was that they had stronger mid-level alliances that were capable of holding castles.”

“We would take a castle, then have to vacate to go hit the next one. When we did that, they would immediately take back what they had just lost because there was a hive already there waiting,” he furthered. “Just was not a sustainable way for us to go about doing things, and we needed our big guys at the same time and it did not happen. The (Old Gods) certainly fucked us, but we fucked us pretty hard too.”

As for his kingdom’s opponent, this is what the K10 representative has to say, “They stuck together. I was impressed with them; generally nice, too. My interactions with them were pleasant, which counts for nothing except a little credit to them.”

Finally, for a complete recap of the skirmish, here is Arn Spanking of K6:

At the beginning, many of us were unprepared [on] K6 for the sudden start of [War of the Kingdoms]. K10 took a large early lead, but we were able to take it back quite quickly.

Now, the difference between K6 and K10 is that K10’s whale is extremely active whereas K6’s two whales are not so active. K6 had two players on that could control a city: Pelivan and CptBrouOmen. They got both King’s Landings and FoF took [The Eyrie] and Storm’s End.

Then came the raiding. Alliances like win (TheWinter) and some FoF members (in addition to TgC, SvS, and TOD – ThornsofDorne) raided various hives on the K10 map. After most hives were deprecated of power, we took all the [big] castles.

K10 has Korillion. But a little problem about Korillion – he cannot go everywhere at once. We can’t fight Kori – but we can fight K10!

Kori wowed everyone with his fighting prowness and mobile destruction. But that was the key, Kori had to stay mobile so he could attack everyone. If Kori had focused on any castle he could take it, but he couldn’t focus on any castle, even a [King’s Landing] because then he was held down!

So we had Kori’s mobile raid squads and we had all castles. Raiding was futile, so we decided that the Warlords (including Vejetalyen, Arn Spanking (win), Kit Snow (F1R – F1R3NBL00D), BraccioPuzza (SvS), Sydira (SvS), Bunnyhug (TOD), YogaPants (Snd – SeekAndDestroy), ST4R (FoF), Pelivan (FoF), CptBrouOmen (FoF), Loveemma (FoF), Redbird (FoF), SALVIAE (SGh – Stronghold), and Jynne (C0L – CrusadersOfLight) would create mobile defense systems. We had stopped raiding them, but they hadn’t stopped raiding us.

We hunkered down and then began our gathering. We were holding castles and gathering, and by the end, we decided to abandon the mobile defense system – too many [Elite level] players were down and there was nobody available to scare them away. There was nothing else to raid anyway.

During [the event], we had a variety of commanding Warlords. Sydira, Vejetalyen, ST4R, Kit Snow, and Arn Spanking all held command at some point.

We learned the best strategy: Improvise! K10 had their strategy all mixed up. The whales were raiding (Night Falcon and Korillion) when they should be holding castles! Raiding is a shark’s job.

Our team of great Warlords, especially Vejetalyen and Sydira, our MVPs, (they stayed up 24 hours to command) were able to push and keep us ahead. We came back from behind to eventually surge ahead to a victory of over 700 million points!

In addition, K10 will spend the next siege without castles, thanks to the alliances FoF, SvS, win, TgC, TOD, Snd, SGh, and F1R, who all at one time or another held a castle.

Anyone calling K6 a dead kingdom now will be immediately shut down with tales of how we defeated K10 [at the War of the Kingdoms].

The point in the match when K10 practically waved the white flag.

K33 cannot sustain advantage after whale got trapped in different alliance

Over at the Common Hall of the Old Gods, we saw someone leave this remark:

After being [300 million points] behind from the fucked up start, K25 finally moves into the lead in the final hours. Hopefully we can hold off any late charges.

LordLee, KGD, K25

On the Westeros Bulletin Board, we got this reply:

It wasn’t a come back. UYT (TheWolfPack) didn’t have [the] alliance bank inside the alliance. TERRAX, our rank 1 player with 700 million power, was stuck in an alliance with barely [Level III troops]. We were doomed since the very start.

Frozen Angel, UYT, K33

He said, she said, you guys.

What a difference (an almost literal) day makes.

Speaking of TERRAX, he was frustrated that his kingdom lost as he was stuck at GiantNation (HUG) helping the alliance rally when the War of the Kingdoms suddenly commenced without any notice. For the entire event, he was limited to performing solo attacks, later tapping out after consuming all of his resources since he did not have his personal bank castle with him.

Westerosi pundits assessing TERRAX’ performance in the last War of the Kingdoms.

Meanwhile, kermitdafrog of MAHARLIKA (UY4) intimated that although K33 has enough firepower to counter K25, a number of castle owners did not participate in the event.

Finally, our tipster from K33 shared his perspective:

From the King’s side, [the UYT family], SRH (Sisterhood), ELE (WildLinGs), and 1WS (100Warriors) took the offensive and are the ones who took the heavy hits.

In average, it seems K25 had more powerful players… also heard they have some veterans from other earlier kingdoms.

I think we were able to react quicker with the timer fiasco. Many of our heavy hitters were [on standby] and so [was] many of our active players. We took every [major] castle in both servers quickly and had a great lead, even when many of our plans could not be executed.

Many had plans so they could be [participating] most of the time today. That obviously didn’t work, so they could only be a fraction of time yesterday.

Then, some mid-sized players from K25 started what seemed random attacks and rallies. In retrospect, I think they were luring us. Some [of us] went after them, scattering us… then top players from K25 appeared and weakened several heavy hitters [while we were] scattered.

K25 also took castles and left them behind, and we fell in the trap of retaking them. They were just luring us to attack us and get kill points. Happened specially at our weakest, when almost every heavy hitter was either wounded or [out of commission] and not many active players in the alliances. They caught up with us roughly 3 hours before the end.

Also, we have come to work together very closely (the Royal coalition at least), so is not unusual for some top players to jump to smaller alliances to help them grow. TERRAX, for example, was caught in another alliance when [War of the Kingdoms] started. In that particular case, they tried to help everything they could, but had trouble feeding resources and maxing rallies for TERRAX.

TERRAX did a lot of damage earlier on, but once they annihilated the support system (that alliance suffered heavy damage), he was more limited in his options.

K25 had a mobile bank… You could see it along a group of small but powerful strike teams porting around and tearing our players apart.

They (K25) didn’t hold castles that much… We, as a kingdom, held the castles for longer. Of course, we were sitting ducks while guarding castles, and they made lots of points attacking us that way.

My alliance did caught [up to] that, so we started running lots of shade rallies to protect troops… We didn’t lose that much power overall compared to other alliances, but still got some good beatings.

An anonymous K25 castle owner commending the opposition.

To address the elephant in the room: how crucial was it to have an early start for War of the Kingdoms? Sound off with a comment below or send us a raven message.

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Video courtesy of Skip and Shannon: UNDISPUTED.

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