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In our previous post, we had to stop our letter responding at that particular mail because we believe we had to drive home a point: this is serious business.

Now, back to what we were doing.

A player (Weeble) from K8 died from a stroke today or yesterday K8 401 46. She was member of the VDM allaince. At next siege will her alliance have Riverun with her name. Furthermore have our King SerCalvin issued 1 week of mourning where her alliance will not be attacked. Her friend Samantha from VDM knows more. Samantha is leader of the VDM alliance. I do not wish my name mentioned if you decides to make a raven about it, but I think it would be great to show her that respect and write a few words about this tragic loss. No matter if you knew her or not, then was she one of us, we faught with her, we faught agaisnt us, she was one of those who made this game great.

K8 resident name withheld

We are in touch with SerCalvin and he has provided us with additional details regarding this. That said, we can possibly run an exclusive article to memorialize her.

Rumor has it that in K10 HTT is forcing the whole kingdom to play farmville. They have Fifteenthousand ally alliances and no one can hit anyone nor gather anywhere. A new dead kingdom coming up.


We just went through extreme kingdom dynamics and dead Ks in our earlier edition. Sigh.

This proves the point that regardless if a kingdom is in a state of eternal war or forever peace, someone is bound to complain about it. Grass is greener? To some, the whole garden is dead.

Heyo, it’s me RowdyPepper of GCM Goldwarden again. It is almost 100% official that ECL will be coming to Kingdom 19, and, according to some of the reports I’ve been seeing, they don’t mean to come in for hugs and coffee. Our leading diplomats have tried everything they can to make some sort of alliance or deal, or even a simple rule to prevent the total domination of our kingdom, but I fear dark times lay ahead for all of us. Alliance leaders have been officially notifying players to take defensive action in the next 3 days. Not even our biggest alliance (VMO) is safe. Everyone is holding their breath, but I doubt there is anything we can do. Kingdom 19 is a peaceful place. Attacking resource nodes is off-limits unless within 50 km of your alliance, and big players are only allowed to attack other alliances once a day. Our leaders have worked extremely hard for weeks, possibly months to make this happen. It’s going to be extremely sad to watch it all crumble to pieces if ECL comes.


Based on the language of how this message was composed, I would like to presume that you are dissuading Eclipse to come to K19, and I understand the concern. However, I am not sure if reverse reverse psychology would work if they are deadset to come knocking on your door.

Although, maybe if you say “no” enough times, then maybe that other kingdom in the running for the ECL sweepstakes might actually ‘win’ this one.

Featured image courtesy of ClatsopNews.

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