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Clearing out our inbox of raven messages, we noticed three messages separated from the rest. Thinking it was nothing but unsolicited mail delivered by a crow, I was about to discard them. But seeing their content, I realize that they are more than just bad ham.

To these letter sends, our apologies, as it appears that these are War of the Kingdoms recaps and battle reports, as well Alliance Mobilization updates. Rather than see them rot and go to waste, might as well let them out into the light no matter how belated they are.

Date received (The Raven Express local time): August 8, 2019

KvK K15 vs K17: 4 h 30 mins to go (scoreboard)

250k T4 bowman dead (third battle report)


At least we now know that we have a copy of the Lord Pingee versus Nevertheless battle report before it was separately delivered to us.

Date received (The Raven Express local time): August 11, 2019

Man, K16 at the moment. We had peace in the first few days leading up to KvK, then it was decided by the top alliance(s) that they were going to raid anyone not under truce to reduce the points the other kingdom could get. KvK went great…. afterwards not so much – Our alliance family is in a Non-agression pact with the top alliance, OGS, or was, because straight after KvK was over, they attacked our alliance for no reason. They’ve jumped over a billion in power over the past week. The server is really starting to get pissed off by OGS. Whenever someone becomes even slightly a threat (like us – but we were still 2 bil power behind them at the time) they’re taken out. Needless to say, once we’ve got the resources, we’re moving servers. Maybe somewhere where alliances aren’t complete backstabbers. (I’m not the person who mentioned the conspiracy last month, but this isn’t a subtle thing that’s going on here in K16.)


Thing is, we have not even released our story regarding that conspiracy yet.

Date received (The Raven Express local time): August 20, 2019


No words necessary. Just like a thoroughbred kicking it in the homestretch.

Congratulations, Ang3licShad0wHunt3rs of K4. You beat the likes of TaiwanForever (T&W) of K26, ArmyOfTyrion (AoT) of K10 (presently K29), RedDevil (ReD) of K14, GreatKoreanEmpire (GKE) of K22, and NORDMANN (NOM) of K14.

Good work!

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