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It has been quite a while since we had an article that tackled transfer updates exclusively. And with every end of War of the Kingdoms (and now Alliance Mobilization) comes the great shuffling of Lords, Ladies, and alliances guild-to-guild as well as kingdom-to-kingdom. Let us get going, shall we?

K44 finds itself haven of transplant alliances

There are kingdoms that pride themselves to be open for asylum seekers, while others become a sanctuary for immigrants by circumstance. K44 is one of the kingdoms that fell to the latter.

Residents of this mid-40s kingdom found themselves engulfed by new inhabitants immediately right after the kingdom protection expired. Some alliances that made K44 their new home include: Aquilo (AQU) and Winterfell (W#F), both formerly of K14; HouseOfRAK (RAK) of K15; KingdomsAngels (KsA) of K17; CultusUnitedGerman (CUG) and knightsofkni (Kni) of K22; TheFreeFolk (ToR) of K25; and Sandia (SNI) of K36.

According to RedDragonPL of AQU, what attracted them to switch to this kingdom is the rules, which are similar to what they instituted under the League of Peace (LOP) banner back on K14.

“We were only successful [until] some bullies destroyed the whole plan by simply harvesting attacks on smaller (starting) players, burning them to the ground,” RedDragonPL added.

To which everyone who is familiar with K14, whether as a former resident or from anecdotes that got passed around, agreed that that kingdom is no longer habitable for Lords and Ladies of their level and disposition, especially with entry of giant alliances from older kingdoms.

LORD XCS of RAK intimated that they departed K15 because he felt that the leading alliances in their old domain did not appreciate the contribution they did in past War of the Kingdoms.

“We scouted [a] few [kingdoms]. This (K44) [was] not the first one we [chose], but since we really need to go, this is the only [one open] at that time,” LORD XCS elaborated. “[I] see people here are more peaceful [than on K15].”

“We [at] RAK loves peace. We only want to grow stronger, so we can join and help [at War of the Kingdoms],” the alliance leader furthered. “[We do not] attack people for no reason. [We] only fight when we are [provoked] or [threatened]. We support the kingdom.”

Tyler DurdeN of Kni interjected, “The appeal of no bullies and not having a neverending carousel of alliances beating you into submission daily, not living in a bubble, not constantly negotiating diplomacy… It is just nice to live, grow, and breath [without being] so heavily oppressed.”

K10, K14, K25, K36, K44 suffer departures

In addition to the above alliances that landed on K44, others more have transported somewhere else. It was revealed to The Raven Express that at least three top 15 alliances on K25 are on their way out, while a top five clan on K36 has moved to K37.

NoExcuses (NoE), one of the former “top four” of K14, has called it quits in the kingdom of their birth, packing their bags for K18. It is not all incoming on K44 as Jon Snowi was found to have left the kingdom and was seen on K45.

K10, meanwhile, has been leaking kingdom power points like a big stab wound after SonsOfSnow (SON), KHALEESIsDRAGO (ICU), and DragonBorne (DBN) have found their way to K38, joining others that have left en masse prior to this month’s War of the Kingdoms.

Coincidentally, we got this statement (see below) from a former K10 member who has switched kingdoms last month. A part of the statement included a brief summary, which we have truncated for brevity and relevance, of what occurred between TeutonicOrder (KNI) and HouseOfTyrion (HTT) before the former went to K8.

HTT becoming bored, broke their NAP with ICU and sent both ICU alliances (ICU and DBN) to K38. SON, the remainder of KNI and SYG (Synergy), is leaving for K38 too. Even AoT (ArmyOfTyrion), the biggest wing of the HTT family, has left K10 now and joined a 20s kingdom.

In a couple weeks of HTT abusing their power and breaking NAPs without warning, they made their kingdom completely extinct. Only HTT, SHA (ShadowSworn), [Fs1 (FeketeSereg), Fs2 (Feketesereg2)], THu (TheHuns), and NRJ (ENERGY) are left, a few of them thinking about switching kingdoms, too.

HTT will continue to betray their allies and NAPs until K10 completely dies. HTT even sent one of their players to K8 twice, just to hit one of the leaders of KNI/SYG, in revenge for fleeing from the constant bullying and node-hitting of HTT.

[Rest in peace] K10, you won’t be remembered.

Major alliance, big Lords on their way to K10?

However, it is not all bad news on K10 as whispers abound that an alliance that did well in the last War of the Kingdoms is on its way to this kingdom. Furthermore, powerful Lords have reportedly signified their intention of representing K10 for the next War of the Kingdoms.

K14, K15, K36 acquire additions

A castle owner from K37 moved to SonsOfVictory (Sov) of K15. A former Diplomat Advisor from K14 also made their way to K15. Speaking of K14, KIBA is now under the NORDMANN (NOM) alliance.

Transient Lady Chamomile, originally coming from K18, temporarily spent time on K33 with MAHARLIKA (UY4) before finishing her journey on K36.

DcL breaks apart, K2 leftovers found N3O

Westeros’ largest alliance DaciaLegion (DcL) had a dissension of sorts as not everyone made the jump to K14. Those who remained on K2 changed banners and started NeuroticOrders (N3O), which is headed by Duke b3nni and world top 100 Lord WaAarbunny.

THIS JUST IN: We got word that resentment on the K14 camp grew after Savin Liviu reportedly refused to step down as leader at the behest of DcL members. From this bore PhoenixLegion (PxL).

Early kingdom to become barren?

We were approached by two different sources informing The Raven Express that a mid-early kingdom will have leading alliances leaving in bulk. Although we are able to validate that the details both sources provided jive, we are unable to disclose more as the King’s alliance is looking to persecute any clan on the verge of jumping ship.

Are there any big transfers that we missed in this silly season post-Alliance Mobilization? Share them to us via raven message.

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