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There is one thing we noticed after the last War of the Kingdoms ended: all participating kingdoms’ Castle Siege start times and dates synchronized.

Not saying it was a proverbial ‘glitch in the matrix’, but it sure made it easier for us to keep track of this event for every kingdom. No more need for the CS timer we were asking from the Old Gods whenever they release a survey.

The question now is: how are Lords and Ladies with castles in different kingdoms handle having simultaneous CS events going on at the same time? Will the Old Gods revert to the way when there were distinct start times and dates for every kingdom or will they keep things as is for the benefit of those keeping score?

Personally, we do not mind either. But share us your thoughts on this with a raven message.










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  1. Hm, don’t know but this seems to be old.. at least K9 is not the most recent status.


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